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9:37 PM on 03.14.2012

Mass Effect 3 Ending Sucks! Well, so does Mass Effect.

The choices you made in the game doesn't entitle you to a unique ending, nor a happy one.

Sheppard isn't invincible, and if he dies at the end of the trilogy, then so be it. BioWare doesn't have to make an ending because their fans have had multiple years to anticipate the finale during which time they developed a mindset that Sheppard shouldn't die because of all the useless unimportant stuff they made him do in previous games. I personally think that the concept of the endings were much more grounded in reality than any Disney ending that other people might have been expecting.

Also, as flawed and idiotic as the Reapers motive might have been, who said that they had to be correct? Nobody asked anyone to re-write history because they didn't think Hitler's motive for the holocaust made sense, so why does it suddenly matter when the Reapers are killing people for what *they* believe is correct, even though they aren't? And if everyone is screwed after stopping them, that is a fair bit more realistic than "And so Sheppard saved the day once again after defeating the Reapers. After a few years, everyone returned back to their normal lives and forgot about the Reapers, and they all lived happily ever after."

What exactly WERE you people expecting? Wait, nevermind. I don't care what you were expecting. You expected too much. You wanted the perfect ending that suited YOU, and instead you got your face smashed by realism as BioWare killed the character you've spent years playing as, and didn't bother to include all the useless choices you made while playing as him because it wouldn't have made a difference anyway. The dissonance was too much for you to handle, so you believe that the ending was bad just because it wasn't what you were expecting, and now you are writing your own ending and demanding that BioWare replace the ending of THEIR trilogy with the one that makes you feel better about yourself.

Disregard whatever opinions you might have about the Halo franchise for this paragraph, as they are worth absolutely nothing for what I am about to say. Halo was (intended to be) a trilogy, and when Bungie created a very dark ending that can be compared in much the same way to the Mass Effect 3 ending, I didn't hear anybody complain about that. (Well, I did, but not in the same scale.) They killed off almost all of the main characters and humanity was only a mere fragment of what it used to be. Master Chief was completely separated from everyone else, but I guess since Bungie didn't completely kill him outright, everyone was OK with it. Perhaps if Bungie would only have let you choose what Master Chief says instead of letting Master Chief be his own character, and let you engage in romantic relationships with Cortana to appeal to people with A.I. hologram fetishes, people would have cared more about what happened at the end and re-written the story and forced Bungie to use their version instead so they could feel better about themselves and not have to experience some sort of self-pity when all the "people" that they had spent time "developing relationships" get separated from them at the end of the game. Oh wait... That sounds a bit familiar.

Mass Effect in general is just movie/dating simulator disguised as a game. Take out all of the excessively long sections without any gunplay, and take out the gimmicky dialogue options that appear everywhere, and you get a generic sci-fi shooter with dated gunplay. The only thing that can be considered truly unique about Mass Effect's gunplay is the biotic/tech stuff, which isn't all that fantastic in the first place and seems more like something you would see in some sort of fantasy game.

If this game was a movie, I would watch it. If it was a TV show, I might watch it. But it is a game. A game that tries to be everything a game shouldn't be. People don't play games so they can choose from a selection of dialogues for the main character to say to a bunch of other NPC's. True, that might be a common game element in many different games of many different genres, but this game tries to make that it's entire concept, and it is what makes the game to appear better than it really is. You are commonly presented with choices such as "Should I kill this guy? Or should I let him live... He might be useful later on.". If you chose to spare him, it hard-wires you psychologically to become disappointed when he dies anyways at the end of the trilogy. "I saved him! Now I don't want him to ever die, because if he does, then that decision I made will become pointless!" If the developers just did what normal developers do and just let the story advance through cut-scenes and present all critical game choices for the player to choose only when needed, the amount of people who are enraged over how BioWare decided their trilogy should end would be much smaller.

Mass Effect is NOT a good game. These types of statements are usually a personal opinion, but this game can be compared to FarmVille and various other games that keep you interested by the way they psychologically hook their players. Do you really think people who play the MafiaWars game are playing it in gusto? No. Do you think the people who replay Mass Effect ten times over are doing it because they had such a GREAT time the first nine times? Perhaps, but I can assure you that most of them do it so they can "choose" different "choices" than they did last time, to see how everything plays out. Well, I can tell you this right now: Regardless of what you do in any Mass Effect game, the gunplay will remain the same and everyone gets screwed over at the end. Just because you kept Rex alive until the end doesn't justify a story re-write. Have fun trying to get BioWare to include your custom ending! They aren't going to listen to you.

If you like Mass Effect as a game, good for you! I disagree but respect your opinion. If you like Mass Effect because of its story, good for you! I don't know why you play video games for their stories, but apparently lots of people do. Books usually have much better written stories, however I guess those are a bit too complex for some people.

Just don't complain if the game doesn't end in the way you would have liked.



Yeah, I understood what people were angry about. However what they are angry about is something no human-being should ever let themselves get upset about. I'm not trying to downplay everything, but there are infinitely more things in life that people should be worried about than how the Mass Effect video game ends. Disappointment would be an appropriate emotion in this situation, however anger is not. BioWare was never liable for any promises they might have made, and they didn't really promise anything besides the fact that they reserve the right to do whatever they want, and people are angry anyways. Did you ever hear the real story about the guy who got treated like total crap by Ocean Marketing when he asked for an update on when his PS3 Avenger controllers would ship? If not, here ya' go:

That is something that is worth getting angry over. Mass Effect 3's ending is not.

I didn't focus on the main issue that BioWare did an admittedly horrible job on providing good variety in their alternate endings, because if I did I would be doing the same thing everyone else is. I focused largely on the game as a whole, which due to the way the game works, has driven many people into an emotional anger. The very fact that consumers are re-writing the ending and petitioning BioWare to use it is just absurd and shows that these people are in a sort of "denial"; they don't want to believe that this is how Mass Effect really ends, so they are telling BioWare they need to fix it.

(The rest of this isn't necessarily directed at koharo but to everyone as a whole.)

The reality is that BioWare doesn't have to do anything but make more games, and petitions will solve nothing when the petitioners are in fact the consumers.

If people want something done, and they want it done RIGHT, they will need to contact BioWare themselves, via customer support, feedback, or whatever BioWare has in place for these types of things. Grouping up with a bunch of other people and complaining about it in places that have absolutely no importance as to what they are trying to accomplish will get them nowhere and will actually hurt their chances of BioWare ever lifting a finger to help them, and history has shown that doing it en-mass via online petitions have never worked. Raising money for Child's Play will probably only encourage BioWare to keep the ending, as from their eyes the ending is only somehow helping people become more involved in world issues than they ever were before they completed Mass Effect 3. This entire thing has probably given them some pretty neat ideas on how to make even more money off of all the disappointed people who played Mass Effect 3 by releasing even more alternate endings as DLC.

Final thoughts on the ending and Mass Effect as a whole: From an artistic standpoint, the ending sucked. From a game design standpoint, the entire games' gameplay sucked but the way it makes people want to stay in the game and replay it even after they have already beaten it multiple times before is absolutely fantastic, and is about as ingenious as any Facebook game. I'm not talking about replay value here.

Final thoughts on the people upset about Mass Effect's ending: All of you guys need to find something better to do than complain about the ending. Perhaps you could get back to playing the game, maybe? Or find a better game that doesn't keep you entertained via dialogue and back-story. If that's what you were playing it for, then maybe you should seek a different entertainment medium? Books are always a good start. If you find they don't have enough pictures in them you can always substitute and watch the movies about the books. Just don't buy the games about the movies, they are usually terrible.

Shutup about the ending.   read

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