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Another community...

sooooo Missvideogame got even more l33t in the past couple weeks and decided to put together a community site, for ANYONE who wanted to join. So this is not just another "girl gamer" community. So if you feel like dropping ...


l33t own4ag3 to ensue

So, as some of you know, I'm participating in the much talked about Miss Video Game 2007 Competition. Some interesting things have been released in the past month, good enough to share. The guys who actually created the c...


About Lanaeone of us since 12:37 AM on 02.10.2007

I pwn teh noobs. Tell me that's not hardcore xx. Alright seriously, I'm a chick who games n stuff. Committed, so I don't have to worry about the whole, I need to show my boobs to get recongized in the gaming community bit. I enjoy playing a multitude of games...not so much a console girl, but I have a few. Recently got a wii, had my old skool DS for while with some nice retro roms, then of course the gamecube + xbox. As far as PC's go, I <3 my pc...I made it, I painted it, I put all the lights in...aka it's my baby. I enjoy mmo's (non-warcraft addiction), random free onlines, tomb raider, recently sam and max, some rts etc. Personally I've considered doing some reviewing, but then I would have to stay committed to just one game, and sometimes that just pains me. Insterested? Ok read on...

And until I can blog...go here

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