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Lanae's blog

7:06 AM on 07.07.2007

Another community...


Missvideogame got even more l33t in the past couple weeks and decided to put together a community site, for ANYONE who wanted to join. So this is not just another "girl gamer" community. So if you feel like dropping by and telling me how much I pwnsauce, then send me a PM via Mr. Destructoid and include your e-mail. P.S. - I will not sell your information to Nazis.

except for a fee.

also, cocks.


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9:52 PM on 06.12.2007

l33t own4ag3 to ensue

So, as some of you know, I'm participating in the much talked about Miss Video Game 2007 Competition. Some interesting things have been released in the past month, good enough to share.

The guys who actually created the concept, and the platform behind the competition put together a video answering some questions. Which was nice, because before now communication was pretty lacking. For those of you who are semi-interested here is a linky to the beta website, where you can find the video and some other neat stuff.
To access the video click on "about us" and click on "video".

On the front page they divulged a little more info about the final round etc

DATE: May 28, 2007

Officials from Miss Video Game Incorporated (MVG) and the Arcadia Festival have officially announced today that the finals event for the Miss Video Game 2007 competition will be moved from its scheduled June date to be held in Montreal, Quebec at the Arcadia Festival ( from November 9-11 2007. Both organizations have been working to link the events for some time, but made no public announcements until the agreements had been finalized.

The MVG finals will be a featured event during the 3 day gaming festival which attracted over 20 000 attendees during its 2006 edition. Arcadia Festival is the largest gaming event in Canada that celebrates gaming culture through musical, artistic, experiential and educational platforms all brought together in a fast-paced, fun-filled environment.

MVG co-founder Mark Donovan had this to say about the move, “We’re thrilled to be hosting our finals round at Arcadia. Anyone who has ever been to an event hosted by the promotions team behind Arcadia knows that they bring gaming to a new level both logistically and aesthetically. We believe that our vision for the future of gaming is highly aligned with the Arcadia team and our partnership will allow us to bolster our brand, technology and most importantly introduce the winner of Miss Video Game 2007 to 20,000 loyal gamers from across North America. I think that our five finalists will give the attendees of the festival a great show of hard-core gaming and add to the amazing atmosphere of the event.”

Arcadia Festival co- founder François Décarie expressed the following: “Hosting the Miss Video Game Competition is in line with our mission which is to bring together all walks of life related to gaming including top female gamers. I’m sure that the level of competition generated by the finalists would give a challenge to any gamer. We are excited about our partnership with MVG. This is just one element of what the Arcadia Festival will put forward to gaming enthusiasts this fall. Our focus revolves around providing experiences through high quality production and exciting programming.”

About Miss Video Game
Miss Video Game was created to promote and showcase females in gaming through competition, camaraderie and community. The 2007 event has drawn more than 400 competitors from across the globe and hundreds of thousands of site visits during the voting round from January to April. The online tournament round hosted by Titan Strike ( will begin in June and the field will be further narrowed to 5 finalists through a combination of performance and a panel of industry judges.

The Miss Video Game finals will feature five top female gamers selected from over 400 world-wide contestants through online voting and tournament play. The event will feature three days of gaming over multiple platforms, including retro systems as well as other exciting game related entertainment. The top gamer will be crowned Miss Video Game 2007 and will receive an all-expenses paid trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico among other prizes.

About the ARCADIA festival

First and one-of-a-kind public event open to all video game enthusiasts throughout Canada, the Arcadia Festival endeavors to gather a large number of gamers, both veteran and novice, so that they may discover the fantastic world of video games in a setting worthy of the gaming industry, thus encouraging proper networking and sharing between participants. Creators, organizations and individuals hailing from all walks of life work and play alongside one another through ARCADIA, sharing a common profound interest for the medium and the nearly boundless possibilities and developments it offers in the not so distant future.

For more information about Miss Video Game visit
and for more information on Arcadia Festival visit their website at

So next is the Second Round of play, in which I will compete against approximately 46-47 other female gamers in CounterStrike 1.6

So far we've been working with their platform in order to connect to CS servers, with little or no luck. They promised a fix for those who are having problems within the coming weeks.

This portion of the competition starts in 10 days, then the 1v1 play begins. I'm hoping the girls in the competition have some integrity and don't allow other "players" to play for them >.<

Anyways, wish me luck and I'll keep everyone updated.



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