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I pwn teh noobs. Tell me that's not hardcore xx. Alright seriously, I'm a chick who games n stuff. Committed, so I don't have to worry about the whole, I need to show my boobs to get recongized in the gaming community bit. I enjoy playing a multitude of games...not so much a console girl, but I have a few. Recently got a wii, had my old skool DS for while with some nice retro roms, then of course the gamecube + xbox. As far as PC's go, I <3 my pc...I made it, I painted it, I put all the lights in...aka it's my baby. I enjoy mmo's (non-warcraft addiction), random free onlines, tomb raider, recently sam and max, some rts etc. Personally I've considered doing some reviewing, but then I would have to stay committed to just one game, and sometimes that just pains me. Insterested? Ok read on...

And until I can blog...go here

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7:06 AM on 07.07.2007
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