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Lachesis's blog

5:54 PM on 04.29.2008

Grrrr! Stop making me pay attention! Jackie SMASH!

I have no patience.

In the past three years, I've played World of Warcraft almost continuously. The game is very "pick up and play". There isn't much in the way of story, although you could read the quests, but they do not grant the satisfaction of a clear, finished ending for the most part.

Especially the last several weeks I played the game. I was almost always doing daily quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive. Instant gratification.

And now, playing a real video game (Persona 3:FES), I find myself impatient and wondering when I can start leveling, and when that is closed off to me via a fatigue system, forcing me to level in two ways, I get almost....angry that it isn't as easy as WoW.

So, in three years, what's happened is I find myself having to slow down and be more patient because of game mechanics that punish you for dying, plot points that are key elements to the story; basically, I have to almost reprogram myself out of MMORPG mode so I can play a console game.

I've been taking it for granted that I knew everything their was about playing an Affliction Warlock, so I didn't have to learn a new system and then master it in a manner of hours, I knew what to do already. I could evaluate quickly and efficiently what my duties in a situation were because the WoW game was a comfort zone. I didn't have to learn anything and there really wasn't a penalty for fucking it all up.

We just rezzed. Generally, a mistake in WOW is a combination of one actual mistake and then poor handling of the mistake. People lack adaptability.

Now I'm lacking it too.

Well, not lacking. But rusty.

Playing WoW killed some of my ability to dynamically pick something up and run with it.

Now I could fall off the wagon, put the PS3 controller down and suck daddy Blizzard's 10 million whored subscriber cock, or I could shut up and figure out this accursed fatigue nonsense and kill some demons.   read

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