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L3ED avatar 5:08 PM on 05.07.2012  (server time)
My "I've been here for a while, time for an intro" introduction

(I'm not into BBcode [and I'm incredibly lazy], so photos will not be included in this blog) (Actually, scratch that. I'll be inserting red panda photos)

Hi there! My name is L3ED and you may have seen me around on this lovely site Destructoid. Although I've been on Dtoid for a bit, I didn't post my first blog until recently. Veteran community member Elsa suggested that I do an introduction, so, well, here you go.

I've been on this earth for 27 years and I am to some extent, a hipster. I have a beard, I wear plaid, and I do frequently use Instagram. Yeah, I am ashamed of that. Like, a lot. But that's who I am. So deal.

I am American and live in Maryland. Ah, Maryland. To be honest, the only reason I like Maryland is because Bethesda Softworks is located 5 minutes away from my living quarters. I enjoy dogs, running, and listening to alternative rock. My favorite band currently is Muse. You may have heard of them.

(Isn't that picture adorable?) Gaming has been in my life since the start. Well, it really started when my amazing brother gave me a Game Boy Color with one of the greatest games of all time, Pokemon Yellow. I was addicted to that game. I've sunk many hours into that game and I continue to today. Eventually I upgraded to a Nintendo 64, which housed three more of the greatest games ever, which were naturally Goldeneye, Star Fox 64, and Pokemon Snap. To this day, I do not understand why two of those games have been remade, but not Pokemon Snap.

I soon started playing our Nintendo Entertainment System, which helped my love for Nintendo grow. After that, I got an Xbox (original one, mind you), then a Xbox 360, and then a Wii. Those are all the home consoles I own. If you noticed that I've never owned a PlayStation, then you can guess that I really wish I had purchased one. But, I also really love portable gaming. In my life, I have owned a Game Boy Color, a Game Boy Advanced, a GBA SP, a DS, a DSiXL, and lastly, a 3DS. Yeah, I really love Nintendo's handhelds.

Some of my favorite games ever, besides the bits that I've mentioned, are Jet Set Radio Future, Call of Duty 4 (the one before CoD became what we know it as today), Battlefield: Bad Co. 2, LIMBO, all of the Super Smash Bro's, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and every Ace Attorney game ever.

And here's the part of my introduction that I've been dreading to write: my gaming confessions. Let's see... Oh! I've never played any Half-Life games. Ever. In fact, it'd be really cool if someone gifted me the original Half-Life on Steam (my username is L3ED, and I'm trying to hint at anyone being kind enough to do that). You don't have to. I'm not like that. But, seriously. I want that game. Secondly, I've never touched a JRPG (Pokemon doesn't count). Now, those may seem like they're not that big, but it feels like everyone's played those.

I forgot to mention that my PC, and pardon my French, is utter shit. Like, 1.8 GHz Pentium, 2 GBs of RAM, integrated GPU. If your eyes are bleeding, I apologize. I didn't mean for you to read that. And the best part? My job heavily relies on Photoshop CS5 (CS6 is almost here, hnnnng), which can take quite a lot of power sometimes. Yet somehow, I deal with it.

I really wouldn't change a thing with my life. Things have gone the way I've wanted and I am happy with who I am. I really love Destructoid and I have never met a community who is as amazing as the one here. I've laughed with you, argued with you, and agreed with you. Here's hoping that we're all gonna be friends. (Insert White Stripes song)

Oh, and a parting gift, for reading the whole story of my wonderful life.

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