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L3ED avatar 12:02 AM on 08.07.2013  (server time)
Monthly Obsession: Rymdkapsel

I've wanted to do a weekly blog, but my laziness wouldn't allow it. So here's a monthly blog about games I'm currently adoring.

Rymdkapsel is a colorful, minimalistic RTS for iOS (and other mobile platforms) made by Martin Jonasson. It's $3.99 USD on the App Store and happens to be the most addictive mobile game I've played in 2013. Everything about it is amazing, from the soundtrack composed by Niklas Ström to the nail-biting tower defense-style micromanagement. 

Before I rave, rymdkapsel is Swedish for space capsule, which is cool. Anyways, in Rymdkapsel you manage a small space station, adding new rooms and corridors to accommodate your hunger for exploration. You can expand your capsule by dragging a room to the location of your choosing and making your appropriately named minions build it for you. Corridors add... corridors to you capsule and allow for more rooms to be added, as rooms can only connect to corridors, not other rooms. This adds an interesting Tetris-esque management to where you place your pieces. 

There are seven types of pieces: corridors, extractors, reactors, gardens, kitchens, weapons, and quarters. Corridors, as I've already explained, expand your capsule's space. Extractors must be placed next to energy fields and will produce square things (I picked that name myself!), one of the game's three resources. Extractors will continue to produce their resource until the energy field is depleted. Reactors produce cube things, another resource. Unlike extractors, reactors will use light to produce their resource, which allows for much more flexible placement. Gardens produce sludge, which can be put in a kitchen to make food (the pyramid things), the third and final resource. Weapons allow for two of your minions to defend the capsule against waves of enemies that appear on a timed basis. And finally, quarters allow you to create two minions at the cost of food. 

You control the minions by sliding your finger along the task bar at the bottom of the screen. There are five tasks: research (not shown in my screenshots, sorry!), engineering, food service, construction, and defense. Research, which can be performed once your capsule builds a pathway to a space monolith, allows your minions to research said monolith and discover the secrets it holds. Engineering will have your minions produce resources at a faster rate. Food service allows for the production of food (wow!) and will supply a quarters block with food to produce more minions. A minion assigned to construction will construct any of the blocks that you've chosen to be built on the capsule. And finally, defense, which will send the designated minion to a weapons room to defend your capsule. 

A red bar constantly fills at the bottom of the screen and when it caps off, your capsule will be attacked by an ever-increasing number of enemies. They will target your minions, so make sure they're well-defended. This adds periodic terror to your list of things to deal with and  will keep you determined to be as productive and smart as you can. One second lost in Rymdkapsel can be deadly. One wrong decision can screw your capsule, every choice counts. You'll be destroying old rooms to allow for better ones, but at the cost of precious time lost. Managing your minions' tasks is very important, as you have to decide what needs to be done as quickly as possible and what doesn't. Should you send them to defense now or finish building that reactor? Should you put all your manpower into research at the risk of losing time to expand your capsule? The game ends when your crew has been eliminated. Can you beat Rymdkapsel? I have no idea. There's a lot to discover. It's crazy how much depth is in Rymdkapsel. 

Rymdkapsel is an incredible RTS tower defense game with a unique Tetris-style block system. I sunk a solid hour into my first game without any breaks, and like a game of Civilization, you're always telling yourself to play just a little bit longer. I absolutely love Rymdkapsel and I look forward to my next game. Maybe I'll get a little further and finally discover what the monoliths do. Maybe I'll build a fortress that'll keep me protected from my foes. Or maybe I'll do both. I won't know until then, but it's things like this that keeps me coming back to Rymdkapsel. If you have an iOS or Android gadget or even a PlayStation Mobile device, download Rymdkapsel. Its addictive gameplay and unique art style will keep you coming back, day after day.

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