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L3ED avatar 12:24 PM on 10.16.2012  (server time)
Mirror's Edge 2: My, well... Our Wish List

Mirror's Edge 2 is easily the one unannounced game I want most. I want it more than Half-Life 3 and Battlefront 3. Hell, I want it more than a sequel to Jet Set Radio Future. I want it badly. There are so many things EA and DICE could add to this anticipated sequel, but I'll list the features I would like the see the most. Note: This list was made up most entirely in a community chat, so I do not take full ownership of the ideas, except for Freedom Mode, which my wonderful imagination did birth.

1. Linear, and entirely similar, structure for campaign
That may not sound that great, but anyone who's played the first Mirror's Edge will know where I am coming from. The campaign was brilliant. It had an interesting story, challenging levels, and it flowed beautifully. If DICE were to take these from the first game and mirror (pun intended) them into the sequel, it would yet again have an amazing single-player experience. Of course, adding new mechanics into the campaign will be needed.

2. Art Style
One of my absolute favorite things from Mirror's Edge was the art style. As shown in the picture above, it was all white, blue, red, and orange. Other colors would pop up here and there, but those four were the primary colors. Buildings, plants, and things you generally didn't have to care about would be white, while things you could freerun on were red. If ME2 were to use the exact same, and I mean exact, I'd be happy. Also, keep the amazing character models and it will be a visually stunning game. I hope it runs on the Frostbite 2 engine, because that engine can produce stunning visuals on consoles.

3. Freedom Mode
This is what could make ME2 one of the best games in a while. Freedom Mode is simply a selection of open-world maps, and a shitload of collectibles hidden everywhere. Think Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, but with parkour instead of skateboarding. Imagine a giant city block, with hidden passages and special NPC's to give you "quests". Maybe there's a collectible you can't reach because you don't know the correct technique to get there, you could find an NPC and have them teach it to you. I could see Freedom Mode being the most played part of ME2. And, why not have the techniques you unlock carry over to the single-player campaign? They will not be necessary to complete the story, but the techniques could help you get to secret areas within the campaign. This will add a ton of replay-value to the game. Throw in some secret Achievements and Trophies to Freedom Mode, and you got yourself a game worth replaying. DLC could be implemented into Freedom Mode and add new maps and techniques. EA's business practice of bombarding a game with DLC could actually work well with ME2. Hell, add leaderboards too. They'll track how many collectibles you've discovered, and show you how you compare with the rest of the world.

Those are the main things that could make Mirror's Edge 2 a fantastic sequel. Most of it would be keeping what made the first so great, fixing what needed to be fixed, and adding new modes and mechanics. But what about things that could break Mirror's Edge 2? Well, here they are.

Fail 1. Kinect/ PSmove Integration
ME2 is just screaming for motion controls. It's a game based on movement, and what would be better than actually moving yourself? A lot of things, actually. You see, while Kinect and PSmove were great concepts, they haven't been the greatest products. Imagine waggling the controller to run, or jumping in place to wall-run. Motion Controls would have to dumb down the entire game to work properly, and that is something I'd hate to see. Mirror's Edge worked great with a controller, and the second would be great with one too.

Fail 2. Multiplayer
I can see multiplayer being added to ME2, and there is no chance in hell it should be. Games these days LOVE tacking on multiplayer to extend a game's replay value, but ME2 needs to stay single-player only. Freedom Mode already has the social and replay EA craves in a game, so there's no reason to add what could be a colossal failure of a multiplayer component to ME2.
EDIT: SephirothX brought up a great point about having some sort of race and/or co-op mode. Thanks for the great point!

Fail 3. More First Person Shooter, Less Fun
The original Mirror's Edge had light gunplay, which added a different way to take down opponents. But EA could easily add a ton of guns to the game, and make it necessary to use them. Ask someone who's played the first ME, and they'll tell you the best way to enjoy the game is to avoid using guns and use CQC almost religiously. ME2 should be the exact same way.

There you go: that's everything DICE and EA needs to do and don't do to make Mirror's Edge 2 more fantastic than the first. Liked what you saw? Hated it? Am I missing something, or being incredibly ignorant of a key feature? Be sure to tell me in the comments. I'd love to hear your feedback.

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