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Hi there! I'm L3ED, and you may or may not have seen me lurking on Destructoid. I've been a gamer for (practically) my whole life, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon. I like to make music and program in a variety of languages. I drink lots of tea, and I'm an avid photographer. Wanna hear more about my bland hobbies?

I play on a variety of consoles. Whether PC or Xbox 360, I tend to play generally any game. I'm an avid fan of indie games, and they tend to be where I put most of my time at the moment. I believe gaming is the best of the creative mediums and I'm so happy that I'm a part of it.

I love music too! I'm primarily a fan of alternative rock, but I don't have one specific taste. My favorite bands are the Local Natives, M83, Vampire Weekend, the Royal Bangs, the Strokes, and Phoenix. You like one of those groups? Talk to me about them! I love talking about my passions.

I'll see ya around Dtoid. :)

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8:15 PM on 07.15.2012

In my introductory blog, I had a section where I confessed my "gaming sins". These were things like not ever playing a JRPG or any Half-Life games. So, I thought I'd expand that section into a full post.

For starters, I have never played Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask. That may not seem huge, but I used to play my N64 non-stop, so not having those games is a pretty big deal. Now, I have played Ocarina of Time 3D, which I loved to pieces. I've also never played a single Mega Man game, which everyone else probably has, and therefore I feel tiny.

I never enjoyed Borderlands. I don't know why, which is the worst thing about it. Maybe it's that I feel that RPG's and FPS' should stay separate. I want to like it, but I just can't. I also never enjoyed the Mass Effect series. Yes, Mass Effect. There is something about the tone of the game that I just hate. It's not comical. At all. I have never played a single part of any Mass Effect game without feeling utterly depressed. Sure, the story is a serious one, and the gameplay reflects that, but I have never found a cheery moment in the series. The one time where I guess I did feel a bit good was at one of the Extended Cut's endings. I think it was called Control or something like that. The ending of Control was where I felt a tiny bit happy.

I love mobile games. I just recently upgraded to a smartphone, and before that, mobile games seemed like the evil growth on the foot that is the games industry. But once I turned my iPhone on and went to the App Store, all of that vanished. I consider myself a "hardcore" gamer (whatever that means anymore...), so being addicted to casual games is really weird.

I could seriously go on forever talking about my hideous confessions, but I won't because if I did, you'd all hate me. I would, however, like people to make their own gaming confessions. They can be whatever you're ashamed of when it comes to video games. The stuff that I confessed may not seem big, but I've seen them as some horrible crime that I've committed. And, also check out the linked introduction I made, if you want to see the rest of my confessions...


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