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10:39 AM on 05.20.2009

Other Worlds Than These: Welcome Aboard the Ishimura

With a lot of game releases tending to appeal the "casual gamer", it's getting harder to find games that have quality within them. Yes, there are a number of good games, but to me, the best of the best allows you to delve into the game and become a part of the world.

On that note, welcome aboard the Ishimura, be sure to have your boarding ticket handy upon entry and make sure your plasma cutter fully reloaded for some limb cutting action, because Dead Space takes you into the shoes of Issac Clarke: Literally.

The Unknown

At the beginning of the game you and your team are sent to the Ishimura (a massive mining ship) after receiving a distress signal. Not knowing what exactly the reason is, you and your team enter the ship blindly, only to discover majority of the ship dead and overrun by some alien lifeforms.

What happened? Why are all the crew members and civilians aboard the Ishimura dead? What the FUCK are those creepy ass aliens roaming around?!

The lack of explanation and, as the sub-heading implies, the unknown of a situation can be one of the easiest ways to immerse a gamer into the story. As you roam the gigantic mining ship looking for answers you can't help but feel like you really are a part the whole situation, struggling to discover the truth and ultimately
survive the necromorph attack.

No HUD? No problem!

People can argue that Dead Space is a Resident Evil for wannabe (gameplay wise) or stole it's version of story telling from Bioshock, but what gave Dead Space the full immersive feeling was the fact that the game lacked a HUD.

You don't have to worry about that big ass life bar hiding that monster running at you full speed. Instead, all of the annoying out-of-game life bars, ammo supply, etc. are hiding in plain sight.

Isaacs health bar and stasis energy (a special ability Isaac obtains) are located on his back, and ammo is displayed above the weapon when Isaac aims. This makes the HUD easy still easy to see for the gamer, and it also gets rid of the nuisance that the out-of-game HUD that takes you out of the "i'm a part of this world" feeling.

This allows you to get the full effect dark and gruesome setting of the Ishimura and its deadly inhabitants.

and lastly...

Dead Space's 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' theme song

Don't lie...when all you here is the rumbling of the elevator as you travel deeper into the Ishimura and you faintly hear that damn woman singing that song, you get goosebumps.   read

6:49 PM on 02.17.2009

Gamestop does some good?: Street Fighter IV

From time to time we get those blogs bashing on gamestop, so i thought i'd share my story for a change of pace on the stores image.

I had about a half hour before class today, so i decided to stop by my local gamestop and take a gander at what good deals i could find for ps2 games. I was broswing the selection when something caught my eye: Behind the counter, they had a bunch of copies of Street Fighter IV behind the register. That's when i did a double check. Wasn't it supposed to be released tomorrow?

Curiosity got the best of me, and i just had to ask. I'm not sure if it's at all gamestops, but the guy at the store said that their store specifically had the copies shipped early so they can distribute them to the customers who preordered a day earlier. Unfortunately i didn't do so, but there was no way i was leaving without a copy.

I asked the guy if there was any way i can get a hold of one, but like i said, its for preorders only. So i asked "soooo....what if i preorder now? it's before the release date."

I could tell he knew what i was getting at, and with a little computer magic, i got the last extra reserved copy of Street Fighter for ps3!

I'll definitely be playing tonight once class ends, so those with a copy, I CHALLENGE YOU!!!!

PSN: Kyvon08   read

6:55 PM on 11.18.2008

HAI GUYS I LIEK VIDEOGAMES!!! (My "I'm new" Introduction)

Well hello there dtoid community,

I've been browsing around the site for about 3 months now, and it definately has become my haven of entertainment during the cruel work hours. Why it took me so long to create a profile, and post this blog beats the hell outta me, but i thought nows the time. So let me do this as properly as i think is properly proper. I know the introduction is a big thing here at destructoid, so if i think i'll go about it by naming a couple influencial games during my life.

Super Mario Bros. 3

this little slice of heaven happened to be my first video game i got my hands on when i was a little parasitic child. I could even go as far as to say this game made me into the person i am today. This game opened the door to videogames, as far as i can tell, it'll never close. I remember memorizing where every 1-up is in the first couple of levels, and even the patterns of goombas and koopa troopas so i can time the perfect jump. This game holds a special place in my heart and i'll never stop picking up the controller and playing it.

Chrono Trigger

If you don't know about Chrono Trigger, shame on you. Actually, shame on me for insulting you by assuming you don't know about Chrono Trigger. I'm sorry :(

Chrono Trigger is the game that introduced me to my favorite genre of videogames, RPGs. Before Final Fantasy was ever a part of my gaming vocabulary, i was totally oblivious to the genre. Once i got my hands on Chrono Trigger, my life was changed...FOREVER. Whoever knew that a video game could have such ridiculously great characters and a ridiculously awesome story (cause nothing spells epic like a frog and a robot time travelling with a group of misfits TO SAVE THE WORLD!) ?
The soundtrack was icing on the cake. I remember *spoiler-ish?* fighting magus for the first time with his crazy I'll-kick-your-ass-bitch theme song, and i pissed myself out of FEAR.

I'd really like to add more, but alas, i must leave my computer and do other things, such as playing LBP.

PSN ID: Kyvon08 if any of you want to play in the future!

and with that, it'll be great gettin' to know you all, whether you hate me or not :)   read

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