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Favorite games include: most strategy games, but honestly I'll try anything, so I end up with a nice mix of games, like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Halo 2, Civilizations 4, WarCraft 2 (TWO, not 3, and Don't even talk to me about W.O.W. or you shall die a horrible death) and many many others.

Avg Weekly GameTime: 30+ hours

I play console and PC games, but sadly havn't gotten around to getting an XBox360, or a PS3.

now that the IMPOTANT stuff is out of the way xD I'm a 19 yr old Female, living in a Hell Hole state that I can't wait to get out of and go back home (to Missouri), this Hell Hole goes by the Name of Houston, Tx. But don't be fooled by the English name it has, this city was forged in the fires of Mt. Doom by Sauron himself.

I'm pretty much your avg. nerd.. except on a couple traits, but we don't need to get into those.. and to prove it, I have (havn't played her in a long while though) a lvl 74 Silvan/Drow (I can give you the very... interesting back story to that if you understand why that's ridiculous) xD

Potius mori quam foedari
(Rather to die than to be dishonoured)

oh ya...

me xD

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2:10 AM on 11.20.2007

well I'm writing an update with a heavy heart... I figured those of you who cared should know what happened.

we got all three tests back a week or so ago, and they were all positive for FIP, but because of the way the tests had to be done, there was still a 10% chance that it wasn't, and he had seemed to be getting better, so we were still being pretty positive about it until a couple days ago. It became apparent in a blink of an eye.. he laid down on his favorite blanket, in his favorite spot, and since he had been sleeping a lot in the past couple weeks, it was quite common to see him right there, sleeping just like he was... an hour or so later, we had to give him his meds, and when we went to give them to him, he wasn't moving too much, he was still breathing, but not moving, and his eyes were completely WIDE open, and almost unseeing... his pupils would expand and contract almost randomly, looking as if he had been staring right into the sun at times (most of the time) and then going to looking as if he had just walked out of a completely pitch black closet. He wouldn't even blink if you put your finger right in front of his eye, which told us instantly that he was quite vividly hallucinating. He also right about then lost control of his body (you can guess what that means..)

in about 10 minutes we had him to the vet, and although we already knew it at that point, she confirmed it.. it was a combination of the Wet and Dry form of FIP, which causes nearly random Neurological problems... and that this won't get better... he may have lived for another week, but he would have to be force fed, and would probably never even move or see anything (new) again... Neither of us could bear the thought of that, knowing that this would only get worse, and that it would pretty much be torture, we decided to have him.. put to sleep :(

while crying, we held him during the whole thing... he purred the entire time, but never made any reference to being able to see anything at all, he could obviously feel us petting him and holding him... although another thing about what he was going through, is that for some reason he wouldn't accept being right-side up.. if we flipped him over to hold him normally, he would start crying out, just like if you flip a cat upside-down when they don't want to be... Cassie (my room-mate) was singing to him the whole time, and e held him crying for a couple minutes after the whole thing...

that's the update... Lil'Bit is gone.


I don't care if I'm going to get flamed for this, I don't care what anyone says bad about me. just please, listen... My cat: (the white looking one) has been diagnosed (with about an 80% likelihood) with F.I.P. (Feline Infectious Peritonitus), which has a survival rate of 0%, it is completely terminal... I'm not a religious person at all, but please, I'm begging for anybody that IS religious, or anyone that isn't even, please pray, or hope, or cross your fingers.. we'll most likely know for sure if he has it by tomorrow at noonish-4.. please. I can't lose my baby :( sorry about posting this on a gaming blog site, but I just really need/want some support. Thanks again. -Kitten

DToid tends to lean more towards the Console games, but I honestly prefer PC games :) so I'm gonna give a couple reviews on some of my favorite all time PC Games :P

#3. Flyff

Now I know most of you are like "wtf is Flyff?!" Well until a month or so ago, I had never heard of it either. In my opinion their advertising was horrible, I just happened to stumble across it from another site that was advertising another site.... :\

I didn't feel like getting on and taking my own screenshot :P sorry... anyway, if you've ever played Ragnorak Online, you'll love this game, but don't think it's just like RO, it's wayyyy better, this game is MUCH more... I guess you could say Dynamic.. a little slower, it actually HAS a storyline (takes a little searching to get into it), and it's wayyy bigger..

The Graphics: The charectors are set up kind of like PS2 chars would be, but for an MMORPG, I don't think that's too bad, you have full control over your view of a very nice 3D world, and if you're still comparing it to RO the enemies are definitely a lot cooler from what I've seen so far. From what I can tell, every piece of armor, every weapon, hat, everything, changes your appearance, and then add in all the different looks for each job and job class, and you have yourself a very nice set of diverse chars.

Flyff stands for "Fly For Fun" which, in my opinion, sounds gay, so we'll just go with Flyff (which I think sounds pretty kewl, lol) but, IT IS A FREE MMORPG! so you should at least give it a try. Like all RPGs lvling is easy at first, and you're stuck on a smaller island, but once you get to lvl 20, you can start using hoverboards and all sorts of flying contraptions to get you around the world, but until then, you're hikin' it.

There are always a lot of people on, you can 99.9% of the time, walk out of where you are and see a ton of people running around, and one of the best things, is I've never experienced any lag with this game (except once when they were having some server difficulties that have been fixed now). One of the drawbacks is that leveling gets pretty slow at about level 15ish, and you just kinda have to deal with it until you can kill some of the stronger things on your island. The only other drawback I've seen so far was that the Tutorial (which is a cute little duck/panguin guy trying to teach you how to do shit) is completely screwed up, like it told me how to do something, and then would wait for me to do it, about 15 minutes later after I had LONG figured out what I was doing, it was like "ok, now do.." something else, lol.. but ti's not required or anything, and most of the people around are willing to take a bit out of their time and teach you wtf you're doing :) but it's pretty simple really.

the controls are either: Point and Click, simple enough, or, if you like (which I know you do), you can use WASD controls to move around. Also there's a huge map that you can view and move around like that, if you don't wanna bother seeing people or monsters, or obsticles :\ but it does help quite a bit when you have a specific place your going... it also kinda makes things funny when you're out running around and you see someone running directly into a tree and not moving, you know they're using the map :)

Either way, this game is at least worth a download, mind you it IS a little big, and there are quite a few updates to d/l when you get it, but it's a HELL OF A LOT simpler then RO is to set up (on a free server). All ya gotta do is Download, Open, Wait for it to d/l the updates, and then it restarts the game, and you're done, simple as that... the site you d/l it from was incredibly fast when I downloaded it, I was getting 650Kb+ per second on my cable, which is pretty damned fast for a cable :)

I give this game about a 9/10 again... like I said, these are my all time favorites :)

btw, you can download it here


11:24 PM on 10.21.2007

DToid tends to lean more towards the Console games, but I honestly prefer PC games :) so I'm gonna give a couple reviews on some of my favorite all time PC Games :P

#2. Civilizations IV

If you like history, if you like stratagy, if you like economics, if you like warfare, this is a great game for you. Although sadly my computer can only handle it on its' 'low' graphical setting, I still don't think the graphics would have been all that great even on high res, BUT, this game doesn't need them in my opinion.

Civilizations IV gives you a perfect mix of the 4 things I mentioned previously (History, Stratagy, Economics, and Warfare). In this one (like in all the civilizations games) you start small, with the ability to make one city, but really they did a great job with this one. honostly I can't compare it to Civilizations III as I didn't bother to play it, but it's HELLA better then Civilizations II, hehe.

Although watch out, this is definitely a game meant for you to sit and play for HOURS ON END, the first time I played it... I died (lol), the 2nd time, I was playing it for about 8+ hours straight, and I wasn't even done with the game. It is TERRIBLY addictive, so if you have trouble quitting Crack, then you may want to be careful with Civilizations IV.

There's also a multiplayer option that (of course) I havn't been able to explore thanks to my weak computer, but honostly I would expect that to be BADASS.

I would give this game an 8.5/10, but definitely worth the purchase (or download ;) hehe)

Next PC Game Review: Flyff


DToid tends to lean more towards the Console games, but I honestly prefer PC games :) so I'm gonna give a couple reviews on some of my favorite all time PC Games :P

#1. SimCity 4

Right off the bat I knew I'd love this game.. it brings a whole new aspect to the SimCity Series, as a person who's played every single SimCity since the original, I know the game quite well, and must say, they DEFINITELY set the bar high with this one.

SimCity 4 brings something that no other SimCity had, the ability to make a REGION, not just a single City, no, you can interconnect tons of cities with eachother, change the landscape in beautiful ways, which allows you to creat amazing scenery and urbanization, my particular favorite was with little rural/farming cities on the outskirts next to a mountain range, connected by a single highway to the larger cities.. it looked great :)

It also game you even MORE control over your budget and things to build.. they went with a monthly budget this time, making things even more realistic, and it REALLY makes things difficult, you really have to watch how early you give your sims good education or clean water or you might end up completely screwing your budget.

All around, with Graphics and Gameplay I give it a 10/10.. obviously the only thing lacking is a storyline xD

well that's my PC Game Review for the day..

Upcoming Review: Civilizations IV


this is all in response to Jim Sterlings Recent Blog containing a video of a 'professional' Psychologist bashing Halo 3 and all other 'violent' games.

after watching the video (and reading the responses) went to see if maybe I could find what part of the brain it was that was being used, and came to an interesting conclusion.. the brainscans shown in that clip are completely bogus! Now let me clarify, they are obviously real.. but no brain scans are done in that direction due to the geography (for lack of a better word) of the brain, there is absolutely no way to tell from those pictures if the activity is in the frontal lobe, or any other 'depth' from what I've found, all/most (I add in most because I'm sure they exist, but I wasn't able to find any) brain scans are done from the top, so at least tha way they can get a general Idea of what is going on.

Now to kinda continue from where I spun-off, these photos are telling us that while playing a 'violent' video game, our brains are more active in:
A. Smelling something
B. Our Vocabulatory Dictionary or
C. Looking at something
.... how does that make any implications towards violence? I'm so confusled.. but let's move on...

now if it were a 'violent' thought running through the brain, wouldn't it be considered and impulsive or emotional thought? well uhh.. wouldn't that be on the other side of the brain then?

someone please tell me that she has SOME idea of what the hell she's talking about... please?? (*listens to the crickets from the audience*)

BAHHH sorry.. this lady just seriously annoyed me!!!