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Kytherno's Blawwwwwggg

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Borderlands, and Why I hate it so much.

I was excited for Borderlands. Thousands of weapon creations? A nice graphical style! Sounds AWESOME pause not. Somewhere, something went horribly wrong. The concept of the game was nice. The Execution, terrible. Here's why:...


Shitstorm Incoming. Or thatís what they say

Believe it or not, I got a copy of Metroid Other M for being so fantastically awesome. If I went into detailing about how I became so important in the gaming industry, Iíd have to kill you. Now I realize this is a quick 2-bl...


Two Games: Silent Bomber and Intelligent Qube

ďMathew,Ē theyíd say. ďWhatís a good game I havenít played?Ē Usually, Iíd respond ďParappa the RapperĒ. But thatís not the case here. Bwaaahhttt? There are two games I donít think many have heard about. Both for the PSX, t...


Iím a good mood, so hereís a blog

Itís 11:00 pm and I got no one to talk to, so bear with me. Familyís been visiting and Iíve been trying to reset my body clock by I really suck at it. But Iím always in a good mood after playing MW 2 online, especially when m...


Teh Bias: My Biased Confessions and such

Iíve been planning to stop posting blogs for a while to get stuff in order, but I have enough time every month to do the monthly musing I guess. So, yeah. Nation, Iím biased. I have a taste, and therefore I am. So? I like C...


Does every blog need a title?

If so, then I canít think of one. Itís been a while since my last blog, so if anyone gives a crap, hereís some information about me, and stuff I been doing lately. So umÖ..yeahÖ.I donít know. I just wanna write something. - ...


About Kythernoone of us since 9:05 AM on 05.22.2010

I'm kytherno. I have a bit of a split-personality, so pardon me if that shows up in my blogs.

I have a pulse, I breathe, eat, sleep, and dream. Oh, and I play vidya games.

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