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8:31 PM on 08.29.2010

Borderlands, and Why I hate it so much.

I was excited for Borderlands. Thousands of weapon creations? A nice graphical style! Sounds AWESOME pause not.
Somewhere, something went horribly wrong.

The concept of the game was nice. The Execution, terrible. Here's why:

1. Little character customization. I can overlook this somewhat for it being a shooter, but if it's going to let you pick a character, why not one you create?

2. Everything spawns in the same area everytime. This is SO friggin ridiculous. And if I misspelled than, then MS office failed me again. Anyways, Yeah. It gets ANNOYING. When you start off, after a few plays lasting 30 mins each, you can close your eyes, snipe, and kill 3-10 skaags because they all spawn from the same caves everytime, and the poop spawns in the same place every time too. The money spawns in the same place.

3. Bosses (Nine toes, for example) come back to life. And you can kill them again and re-loot everything they had. That's cheating, because everytime you killed Nine toes, you got like $4000, and kill him several times and you can buy the vault.

4. Repetitive Gameplay. The Borderlands formula is like this
x= object, X = Enemy
"Kill X -> Find x -> Buy x -> Kill Bigger X -> Find more x -> Buy better x".
Prove me wrong Dtoiders!

5. It has expansion packs. When you make a crappy game, you can't build onto it. Just look at Alpha Protocol. They realized "Whoops, we sucked" and gave up THEN AND THERE. I respect that. That's logical thinking. But so many gamers were impressed with the mediocre game that it gets expansions.

6. This has the same story line of One Piece.

^^^ He's going after a legendary treasure too. And it's hidden! Probably in a vault somewhere..

7. Claptrap. People are like "He's cute/funny/cool". He's not. He's basically the "I try to hard to be appealing" robot. He's all liek, "Check me out, I'm Dancing! I'm Dancing!"
He's not cute. He's a robot.
Want a Good robot? Look at Marvin from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". He's unintentionally hilarious. Great success.

8. Guns...aren't that exciting.
Sure, they have good uses. Burning people, poisioning them. Jolly good times. But so? It fires like a normal bullet. I like to see some showing-off when I blast a incendinary shotgun shell into Nine Toes.
For Example of "Showing-off", see Metroid Other M "Power Bomb activation". Well it's not showing off, but it makes one POWERFUL move look POWERFULLY epic. Rather than a gun that goes pew-pew.

9. This game is so terrible, it made my MS Word go to double spacing without consulting me.

10. This game overall is terrible. It's like a T-bone without meat. It's got the basic foundation of a game we all would love to play, but has nothing new or good about it. It's the same thing every time. A hard piece of hardened bone marrow that I myself shall never play again.
Also, I'm glad Windows 7 Ultimate wiped Borderlands off of my HDD last night. Yes, I got Windows 7. I'm a bit late. I BLAME BORDERLANDS ARHGHASFMNALGNASg   read

8:37 PM on 08.28.2010

Shitstorm Incoming. Or that’s what they say

Believe it or not, I got a copy of Metroid Other M for being so fantastically awesome. If I went into detailing about how I became so important in the gaming industry, I’d have to kill you.

Now I realize this is a quick 2-blog session for me, having two appear at such a similar time..but I just... have to say something. I was reading over the Metroid Other M Review’s comments here on Destructoid, and I was very disappoint how SO MANY PEOPLE accepted the man’s opinion as a FACT and said stuff like

“Thanks a LOT Team ninja”
“Wow, bad to see they goofed”.

Destructoid is very reliable, and I agree with a LOT of stuff they say. But don’t accept one’s opinion as your own unless you are 100% sure that you yourself believe it, done research on it, and accept it.

So yes, I have played Metroid other M. The issues with switching from NES-style to Metroid Prime-style were VERY annoying. That was an issue. Also, pulling off some finishers was a bit sluggish. Everything else is fine, playable, and enjoyable. The game feels fast-paced but lacks fast-paced action. You’ll be running to awesome music, with gun charged, but no need to use it unless it’s a bug at your foot.

It also has some hilarious, unintentional scenes, like the one I dropped an elevator on myself. I know one of you are going to do the same, if you actually buy the game.

Bottom line: Don’t accept a reviewer’s opinion because they said it. Go play it for yourself. Honestly, I think it’s worth a buy. If I were to rate it, I’d say 8.5-9.


7:21 PM on 08.28.2010

Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers….

Dear Developers, I know it’s been a hard while for you lately, seeing people like EA close down several pieces of itself due to not having money. I’m gonna let you all in on a little secret. And it will pay off. Trust me.

Make games simple, yet original.

Obvious? Maybe. Makes sense? Definitely.

We’re reaching a point in the gaming industry where some games are just trying too hard to be successful. And it makes such big screw ups. Now don’t get me wrong, a “Hardcore”/ “Advanced” game is good every now and then, but if you can’t pull it off or have trouble doing so, then stick to this idea. Here are a few games to base your ideas off of:

Left 4 Dead

Simple on the outside, highly advanced on the inside. This game has like 3 things on screen. Your ammo, health, and your gun. There’s about 5 or so buttons. WSAD for walking, Left click to shoot, R to reload, 1-5 to change weapons (I won’t even count that as a button seeing as it’s so easy it’s proving my point anyways).

The idea; Shoot stuff.

It’s simple, yet pulls off very well. Pulls in casual players with the simple controls and gameplay, and pulls in hardcore gamers with special infected and other game modes.

Story can easily drive people away from video games. Which is what some developers are oblivious to. Some just want to aim, shoot, walk. Which makes Left 4 dead so amazing. Zombies are here. Story over.

Plants vs. Zombies

There are pacifists out there. They don’t want any games that involve killing people. Like my father for example. He used to be a non-pacifist in the good ‘ol UT 1998 days, but now he’s against killing game characters. Although he does play Chicken Invaders 3. Christmas edition. Easter edition is for ****ies.

That’s what Plants vs. Zombies does. Makes the game violent, but in a cartoony/funny/not-so-bad kind of way. And the game has ONE BUTTON. Left click.

Also, no story.

This is probably the best example of the idea “Keep it simple, yet original.” The game has one button, no story, no real violence, and is very original.

Intelligent Qube

Mentioned on my last blog, this was the prime example of simple and original on the PSx. Two buttons, excluding directions. Destroy boxes. Destroy Green boxes. Green boxes eliminate anything in a 3x3 box. Don’t destroy black boxes.

This game has the least amount of story than the other two.

“How did these killer boxes get here and WHY THE HELL AM I ON A FLAOTING STACK OF BOXES IN A BLACK ABYSS?!”

Which also makes it more interesting to come up with your own story. Maybe the guy’s dreaming. Maybe he’s in the purgatory? Maybe he is tripping off acid? Maybe he’s having a mindf*** after reading one of Jim Sterling’s troll posts.


[i]Again, I have no problems with Advanced games and I love them. But occasionally, try this out for size.

Sincerely, Kytherno.[/i]   read

5:29 PM on 08.27.2010

Why you can’t play Metroid Other M while worrying it’ll be bad.

Nation, I’ve heard so many people wonder “Is Metroid Other M gonna be good?” The answer is a DEFINITE…


Anyways, this is a bad mind-set. Thinking something’ll be terrible/bad/awful/Borderlands makes you focus on that negativity the whole time you play the game. It’s why 99% of blind dates don’t work. Someone is thinking “I’m so afraid, this might be terrible!” because then they start the date and they focus on “Might be terrible” so much that it becomes worse than it might be.

So before you even spend a moment thinking, “I’m afraid”, get that thought out of your head. Think more like “It’ll be as good, as it truly is.” Because then you won’t focus on the negativity.

This has been a helpful hint from your truly.

*Peut-etre means “Maybe” for all of those not knowing French.   read

7:19 PM on 08.23.2010

Two Games: Silent Bomber and Intelligent Qube

“Mathew,” they’d say. “What’s a good game I haven’t played?”

Usually, I’d respond “Parappa the Rapper”. But that’s not the case here.


There are two games I don’t think many have heard about. Both for the PSX, they were games hidden among other greats that got more attention then they did. (Like how timesplitters 3 > Halo 3, but no one ever paid attention to that!)

Silent Bomber

This is the first huge diamond in the rough no one really thinks about when you say PS1, PSX, Or Sony PS. They think “FF VII”. Usually.

Anyways this game was a fast paced, arcade-style game that nailed everything it aimed for. Multiplayer was sluggish, Story wasn’t good. But hey, this is the PSX times. This was when having a story wasn’t as big of a deal as it is today. The gameplay more than makes up for it.

I don’t endorse piracy, but my motto is “Doesn’t matter if it’s not sold anymore”, relating to console or games. Because then they’re profit-less anyways. So I don’t care if people pirate SNES, NES, PSX, or any other system. So here’s your reason to. The makers of this game are no longer making any profits from it. GO EMULATE IT!

This game is worth every second of your PS. Well, this, and…

Intelligent Qube

This is a very simple game. Destroy blocks. Don’t destroy black ones. Destroy Green and destroy extra. Simple, yet addictive and challenging at the same time. This game I wouldn’t be bothered if other pirated it, because I believe only 3 copies of this game were actually released. I’ve done my research. No one in this world has ever said “I’ve played that RETAIL game”. All I’ve seen on websites were “I’d play that demo 9001 times! Then the demo broke. CRUNCH! I’ll add it to the heap.”

In fact, this game might be a myth. Maybe ISO releasers of it just finished the game for the developers. Who knows? Either way, this game is great.   read

9:57 AM on 08.16.2010

Medal Of Honor: I bet you’re tired of hearing about it.

Nation, I’m sick of hearing about this. Fox News pushed me to make this blog purely about how Medal of Honor isn’t doing a bad thing here.

I know plenty of people are pissed about this, and for some of you it strikes home. But no matter what, a War game will "strike home" for somebody. So I’m not telling you “Don’t feel bad, don’t be bothered”, just don’t make such a ruckus out of it.

WW II games have existed for so friggin long. I don’t remember any games where you play as the Nazis, true, but the feeling is still there. WW II was still such a tragic time for discrimination and scapegoats. Although you don’t see it in WW II games, the feeling is still there. And because you can’t just “see” it, people don’t complain. It’s making a game out of a serious, violent event. Yet let’s ignore that, because that doesn’t matter. It’s not happening now.

I’m not a big fan of South Park, but they occasionally make good points. For example, they say that it takes time for something to lessen the seriousness of it.

So if MoH was making this game in the future, after the war, a LOT less people would complain. Guaranteed. But still, all in all, it’s just a game! It does take influence from real-life events, and it offends people, but what war game doesn’t offend Someone? Even Halo offends aliens and humans.

Playing as the Taliban wasn’t the smartest move for MoH, but for such an…extinct series of games, what better way to boost sales? Although everyone talks negative about it, everyone knows about it by now. So if you walk on a street and say “Medal of Honor Taliban” hundreds of people will be like “Yeah, I heard about that”. And there are still plenty of people like me, who don’t give a shit, and realize that it is just a game.

Now if playing as the Taliban meant you controlled a real life Taliban and whoever you killed in game was killed in real life, then YES, WE GOT A PROBLEM.

I’m getting this game, because I feel as though it will be a good FPS, because I’ve played some previous. Call me a demon, devil, or Taliban soldier. I don’t give a crap.   read

10:09 PM on 08.12.2010

I’m a good mood, so here’s a blog

It’s 11:00 pm and I got no one to talk to, so bear with me. Family’s been visiting and I’ve been trying to reset my body clock by I really suck at it. But I’m always in a good mood after playing MW 2 online, especially when my wi-fi signal isn’t crap. I have my family’s wep key on my consoles, but not on my pc because my dad doesn’t want me online. So I get wi-fi from a neighbor, and therefore, it sucks. And my home-made cantenna isn’t much to look at either.

I feel…outnumbered when it comes to arguing about some things I hate. Halo, Split/Second, and Borderlands to name a few. But one that it seems like now, is this new rumored PSP phone, which I hope doesn’t exist. I mean really, do you have to have your phone and PSP in one? The answer, is no. They’re both portable and you have two pockets. Phones are meant for communication and small games. Perfect example, Iphone although I prefer HTC evo more. And you know the problem with a LOT of smart phones now days? Battery power. If you put a psp in there, either:

1. The phone’ll die out in five seconds
2. The battery put in will be heavy enough to fall through your pocket.

I realize this has the possibility of not existing, and could be just a rumor. But then Sony can think “Wow, people sure love this rumor! Let’s try it!”. If you wanted a PSP you should have gotten one by now. No need for them to be in your phone!

Also, PSP has gotten more games lately than in the past, but the DS still far outnumbers them. And leave it to sony to come up with excuses, like “Piracy stops our games from coming out” and “The ps3 came out so we give it more attention”

Also, leave it to Donut Games when it comes to portable phone gaming.

The black ops multiplayer footage was nice and all, and I didn’t even mind the RC car. I just hope, that the game is as good looking/functioning on the Wii because treyarch did say the wii version “would blow wii-owners away”. And I really hope that’s the case because my Wii has one hell-of-a-wifi signal, and I am pretty good on MWR. Also, just throwing this out there, my favorite MW2 map is Terminal.

I don’t shop at any AJ Wrights much, but today I got a pretty beastly mouse from there, which was a surprise coming from such a crap store. But I renamed it, my “MW2 Mouse”. Not original, sure. But accurate? Hell yeah.   read

7:42 PM on 08.10.2010

Why FPS Games should stick to fictional wars/conflicts

You have five seconds to name every video game that takes place in WW II, GO!
Now name every video game that takes place in a war against Makarov in Russia, GO!

I’m a big fan of the idea of having fictional wars in video games. Okay, the only one that really sticks out in my mind is MW 2 and Halo. But of course halo is fictional, because we’re not fighting aliens. Yet. Why have fictional wars? You ask that? Lemme break it down.

1. Better story, usually.

The idea is that having a WW II game has a generally crappy story. You’ve heard it the same story quite a lot. Hitler is evil. Nazis are evil. So the game needs no superb or outstanding writing. By showing Nazis, you say “They’re Nazis, so they’re evil”. They don’t have to establish the fact that they’re evil, they just are, because they’re Nazis. And that’s how the games usually work out. And they’re something new. I’m in 11th grade, and if I hear one more story about WW II, I’m gonna explodonate.

2. No Offensive crap..

(Points to the new MoH.) Although stuff like having Al queda in video games doesn’t bother me, it bothers quite a few people. And there’s no need for that. Of course though, by making any sort of war game, you’re gonna offend SOMEONE. Except Halo. But it’s definitely worse when you include an Actual terrorist organization into a game that will be in the hands of millions of MoH fans.

3. The ability to do so much more.

If you base every FPS game on WW II, Cold War, WW I, etc, then you have limited things to work with. Put it into the future, and your limits are limitless. You can fight zombies, aliens, robots, evil cheeseburgers, etc. You can wield time manipulating devices (Singularity).

So what’s what bothers me so much about the next CoD game. Base it off of the cold war? What was wrong with the Modern Warfare Franchise? The cold war wasn’t really even a “war”. It was a staring contest among countries waiting for conflict to break out, which really didn’t happen for the most part. Sure they might have been fighting involved, but for the most part, it wasn’t at the same “War” level of Modern Warfare 2. Yet ActivisionTreyarch seem to think it’s worth a dive. I don’t. If the formula works, change it, but not that drastically. You do that, and well…You get crystal bearers.

And yeah, I pick on Crystal Bearers a lot, because there’s no way such a great company could fail so badly.

And with MoH, you’re taking a war, which really isn’t a war, and making it into a war game. We’ve already won, but I don’t want to discuss politics/war. And I don’t think MoH has tried a fictional war yet, though I may be wrong. But they could give it a try for pete’s sake.

And Halo could try an actual war. Just for lulz.

And if you can catch my Plants vs. Zombies reference in this here blog, I applaud you. I’ve been playing the GOTY edition, which was dumb. I already had the normal version. But at least I feel better about achieving things.   read

3:02 AM on 08.09.2010

Teh Bias: My Biased Confessions and such

I’ve been planning to stop posting blogs for a while to get stuff in order, but I have enough time every month to do the monthly musing I guess. So, yeah.


I’m biased. I have a taste, and therefore I am. So? I like Call of Duty. I like Medal of Honor. I hate Halo. Let’s not discuss why.

So what am I biased for? Well…

Rail shooters, for one. It’s hard for me to find one I don’t like, even if it’s one at chuck e. cheese’s that doesn’t have a reticule on screen. They’re so simple, yet so playworthy. I just made a word. And if I didn’t, then Microsoft word is lying to me. Maybe it’s the fact I’m pretty good at them? Maybe it boosts my self-esteem, therefore I like them? I dunno. I got the game “Attack of the Movies” for Wii, and those graphics were terrible. But the gameplay had me playthrough a few times. In a few sittings.

I'll just borrow this, thanks IGN.

Also, Achievements. They make me feel good. They make me feel as though I’m not wasting time although I am. Although I don’t have a 360. But I do have portal.

Probably just first person shooters in general. Because I sorta grew up around Unreal Tournament, seeing as my dad was a super-fan of their franchise till he went all-hippy. Now he plays chicken invaders 3: Christmas Edition. Oh, and Pogo. But growing up around them got me better faster, which in turn makes me better for later, which makes me FEEL better when I drop a tactical nuke on the stage. Just Kidding, I don’t have MW2 online.

Square Enix, although I’m quickly losing faith in them. I’ve never played FF XIII, but from what all has been stated about it, it seems nothing like FFX, which should be known as the “New Square-Enix Template”. They’d sell more. Also, Crystal Bearers was TERRIBLE. MY F***ING GOD WHAT THE…Goose fraba…or however it’s spelled.

Activision’s Shooters. Without Infinity Ward (I believe?), they still put together Singularity. How dare people complain about it’s multiplayer! The game was something new, and it’s single player experience was more than enough, IMO. Besides, some stuff would be pretty annoying to put into multiplayer, like the (Gun that lets you direct bullets?). How would that work well with constantly moving characters? I’ve never played it online, cause I never saw the need to. MW2 online is needed. Singularity’s isn’t.

How do I wrap up a blog?

Inb4: Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil.   read

7:25 AM on 07.13.2010

Does every blog need a title?

If so, then I can’t think of one. It’s been a while since my last blog, so if anyone gives a crap, here’s some information about me, and stuff I been doing lately. So um…..yeah….I don’t know. I just wanna write something.

- Lately, I’ve lost all interest in TV excluding FMA Brotherhood. G4 and Adult Swim are dead to me now. G4 is dead because of how Xplay wants me to buy every game, Adam Sessler is no longer funny, and Morgan webb is no longer interesting. Kevin Perrerra is becoming more of a douche every day and Olivia munn just stands there and acts like she’s somebody. Adult swim copies everything 4chan does and acts original, when everyone had already caught on years ago. Even boondocks is failing. Their obama episode was the best by far.

- The only game I curse during is Call of Duty online, and even then, it’s rare. And it’s a simple “damn” not a “GOD F***ING D*MMIT SON OF B***H!”

- I played Attack of the Movies. I love rail shooters. This game was decent. $10 worth. The graphics are dirt. No point in making it 3D if there are no rendered graphics. Also played Cybertron Adventures. Then I was reminded of how much I love moving my own character in a third person shooter. At least set it up like Disaster Day of Crisis.

- Monster Hunter Tri was good for the first 5 minutes. Just felt like throwing that out there.

- Tried to watch the movie Date Night. I stopped at 16 minutes. If I’m to watch a movie, it has to draw me in. Do something amazing to begin with. For example, the Longest Yard. Adam Sandler goes on a high speed police chase. That draws me in. Iron Man 2, starts with a little ACDC and has Iron Man already taking flight. That draws me in. People jabbering about crap I don’t care about doesn’t draw me in.

- That new movie “Dinner for Schmucks” looks dumb. The classic, “Les diner des cons” was amazing. It looks like they took a good movie and ruined it by using cliché actors and crappy jokes.

- I hate eminem. His only two good songs were Cleaning out my Closet and 8-mile (Lose yourself?). For example, his song “My balls” isn’t rapping, it’s randomly throwing out words and hope they rhyme. The new song is “Won’t back down” where he does the same thing. He’s like “shoot, kill, fly, downhill, explosion, potatoes, I’m awesome, Slim Shady”.

- I hate rap. The only time I like to hear Lil’ Wayne is in the song “Let it Rock”

- The new cole in infamous 2 is pretty douche-like, but on the other hand, it’s nice to see Justin Timberlake beat the shit out of a lot of people.   read

11:07 AM on 07.07.2010

10 Reasons why everyone should hack their wii.

(Throughout this blog, I’m not supporting piracy. Unless you pirate NES, SNES, and older games that you can’t just stroll into wall mart and buy. Also, I’m not saying that you should hack others’ wiis, for it’s risky and dangerous. Thank you)

Hacking the two major Nintendo Consoles is a breeze if you haven’t looked into it. The DS requires that you order something online. That’s it. All you need for the Wii to hack it, is a SD card. So why not hack your wii? Well, here’s why you should. In no Particular order. Although #1 has to be #1.

10. It’s too easy!

Why not hack your wii? It’s so friggin easy. There’s now apps you put a whole package onto your wii which hacks it for you. But as for me, my wii was hacked before the awesome packages came out, and I did it by IOS and CIOS. But by hacking it, you gain access to (1) Playing DVDs, (2) The Homebrew Browser, capable of letting you download any homebrew, and (3) Bootmii, the fix-it-system if you suck.

Requirements to hack a wii: SD card and internet.

9. Emulators.

You can literally emulate ALL of nintendo’s consoles. Even the DS, which I haven’t tried, but it works. You can emulate stuff such as PS 1, DOSBox, Visual Script, Colecovision, Sega, Arcades, etc.

8. USB Loading.

At one time, I had around 100 ps2 games because at that time my parents spoiled me. I had to lug them around whenever I went somewhere. And Boom! USB loading for the wii. I don’t have to lug my games around now too. And it automatically fixes one form of AP (Anti-Piracy), the DOL issue. Alternate DOLs can automatically be selected through Wiiflow, the Wii’s best USB loader. Also, it’s a great alternative to those who’s DVD drive won’t allow burnt dvds.

7. Custom Wii Themes.

No one has found out how to change the music on the home screen, but people have other stuff. You can change the Health Warning Sign, and the home menu’s overall look. I made mine something called DarkWii or something like that, because it’s surprisingly sleek. And with a USB loader, you can make a forwarder channel that takes you right to the game the channel was made for. And with Gecko OS, you can move your Game Channel (That reads the disk, usually in the top left of the wii home menu).

6. Riivolution.

This app has great potential, yet I don’t see many people take advantage of it. It allows you to replace the textures in game with custom ones. Which sounds like a great idea. If you’re willing to take the time to go try this out, do it. I’d like to see the results.

5. You’ll be the envy of your friends.

My friends think I’m an expert hacker. And I’m just sorta like “Yeaaahhh…”.

4. First looks at new games from overseas.

I did this with S&P 2. Then I bought the American release to support it, and for it not to be illegal. Boom. I knew it was ah-mazing before anyone else did. I also tried a little bit of Sengoku Basara or whatever the game’s called.

3. Backed-up-everything.

It’s the ultimate way to back up your system. With Bootmii, you can create a NAND from your current wii that copies the data from the wii into an SD card. Then you place a nintendo’s transfer disc (Only Nintendo has it, you’d have to pirate it) and that would allow you to transfer the data from one console to another.

2. Reason #1.

1.Disaster, Day of Crisis

A game as #1? What?

Yes. This game is easily in my top 5 favorite wii games. It’s never been brought to the U.S. because (According to wikipedia) Reggie said he wanted to view sales charts for EU and then release it in the U.S. if the sales are good. This game, is amazing. I’d give it a 9 out of 10. I’d give it an award. This game is amazing. Part rail-shooter, Part rescue mission, part driving, part etc.

GO GET THIS GAME NOW! Granted you have a wii..


9:28 PM on 07.04.2010

Developers, Developers, Developers, developers..

As a side note before this blog begins, this isn’t a complaint. It’s merely suggesting what I’d like to see in more video games.

There’s been a few things bothering me lately in the gaming world, one more than the other. Games need Time-lines. By this, I mean it needs to establish a time frame in which you can create a legit time line out of. Also, all PC games should at least Attempt to do what UT3 did.


This sounds really stupid, but bothers me greatly. I started thinking video game time-lines after I started watching One Piece. Someone on One Piece Wiki wasted their life using every scene In One piece to establish how many days pasted by counting the numbers of nights and mornings. That intrigued me, in such a weird way. I started thinking of games in time-lines. Story driven games, that is. Not stuff like Marvel Vs. Capcom.

No More Heroes

Good Game? Hell yeah. Time line? Not really.

The game has a lack of nights, and because of that, the game takes the time line of a day. Two if you consider the trailer. This bothers me. Who could raise all the entry fees by doing chores, then kill 10 people in one day? And the entry fees were, let me remind you, enough to rent a whole coliseum. Again, it sounds stupid. But it bothers me in a bit-of-a-subconscious way.

Also, what every PC game should do like UT3…if possible

Adjust graphics settings to work on any PC.

If I still had unreal tournament 3, I’d PrtScn it, but I don’t. Sorry.

But in unreal tourney three, the graphics are beautiful. But for every mainstream game for PC nowadays, I have to put the settings on minimum. So I did that with UT 3. And HOLY CRAP. The settings at bare minimum resemble a N64 game. But on Highest, it resembles almost Crysis-like quality. With that much customization in graphical settings, games could sell more, more people would play it, etc.. They might run in lower quality, but they would run. And if then you wanted the luxury to run it better, you have that option too.

To end this blog with a joke I recently made..

Why Does Kytherno need another gig of DDR2 ram and a GTX 260?

Just Cause.   read

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