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If you've been reading about Black Ops because you're excited, then you MUST have heard about these. They're two new game modes in Black ops' multiplayer. "Gun Game" gives you a crap weapon, then by getting more kills, it upgrades. By being killed, you downgrade. "One in the Chamber" gives you a handgun with 1 bullet and tac knife. 1-shot kills. If you kill someone, you get their bullet and continue, but if not, then you have to rely on knifing.

I've been playing the modded servers of Mw2, which already have these two game modes created. Gun Game has been around longer than Black ops' multiplayer reveal, however. Anyways, here's the previewing of it:

Gun Game

Modern Warfare 2 does this beastly. There are several versions. My favorite was the 1-kill upgrade where you start with unlimited throwing knives and got an upgrade every level and the upgrade was slightly better. And some give you massive upgrades after three kills, such as going from RPG to Model Akimbo.

However, MW2 versions don't let you downgrade. Which makes a lot more sense. Because if you're facing someone amazing at it, they'll have unlimited Javelins while you have a throwing knife. Downgrading sucks. They should at least make "safe zones" where at a certain level, you can't drop below it, like in the show "Who want's to be a millionaire." This way, after they achieved x, they can't drop below x.

Let's hope Treyarch understands, and if they don't, then let's hope they patch it.

One in the Chamber



This game mode is glorious. We were playing at Scrapyard and I was doing terrible, but having a blast wit it. We all got a revolver with tac knife and we were running and knifing, trying to collect more bullets. And it worked wonders. Hard? Yes. Fun? Definitely. Treyarch CANT screw this one up.

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