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I'm kytherno. I have a bit of a split-personality, so pardon me if that shows up in my blogs.

I have a pulse, I breathe, eat, sleep, and dream. Oh, and I play vidya games.
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7:27 PM on 09.13.2010

I'm leaving destructoid. And before any of you say “I don't care”, realize you don't have to post on this blog. I've been pondering how everyone turned against me and how people think I am such a noob/jerk/troll/etc. Then it hit me. Some of you hear what I say. And if it's not In sync with what I say, then you immediately shut me down.

However most of the destructoid community is nice. My first blog made me feel at home. But as I dug deeper into my vidja thoughts, I was assaulted. And I'm not blaming you. We're all open to our opinions, and such. Also it seems that I should wait, or maybe come back when I learn that to be liked, I have to agree and acknowledge everything everyone else is.

I know there are a few amazing people within the destructoid community, but the negatives outweigh the positives.

I'll be here for news only. I have no reason to speak anymore towards you all.

8:28 PM on 09.12.2010

I've been flamed. I've been questioned. I've had death threats sent to me. Why? Cause I don't like Halo. And it's funny. When Jim Sterling says he doesn't like it, everyone's like, “LOLTHATSOK, YOUR JIM STERLING. YOU HAVE IMMUNITY FROM INSULTS TOWARDS YOUR OPINION”.

Not even fucking joking. The first moment I said I don't like halo, users started bashing me. When Jim says it, everyone lols.

Anyways, here's a good number of reasons why I don't like Halo. And if you don't agree, talk about it. Don't flame shit.

1. Gun Design.

The game takes place in the future, but it feels like the guns aren't futuristic enough. And futuristic weapons aren't that kickass unless the really do something amazing. Because if I see a real gun in CoD, I'm like “Yeah, I know that gun is amazing. I have proof. It exists, I know it works.” but in Halo it's like “Ok, a futuristic weapon that doesn't look much like it's futuristic and I don't know if it's really powerful or not”.

Halo Weaponry

There are a few examples.

Why CoD is better: The guns exist, therefore, you see what they're aiming for. Halo just hopes it does it right. CoD is basing it off of real life weaponry. Also, it fits the mood the game goes after.

Why Unreal 3 is better: The game takes place in the future and the weapons, are very futuristic. The Redeemer, for example. It's a HANDHELD NUKE!

2. Lack of Adrenaline

With Halo, there seems to be a lack of adrenaline in the game. There aren't nukes, there are no care packages. There are no real random events. The game is just sorta...there. It might make the game more “fair”, but it takes away the excitement. I don't want to play a game where everyone has the same amount of kills and deaths. I want to play a game that I can take on people much better than me and eventually get better than them.

Why CoD is better: Care packages add a hint of excitement with, “What am I gonna get?” and nukes make you feel like a true vidja gamer.

3. Master Chief...Really?

First off, crappy name choice. Master Chief. It sounds like the same thing to me, right? Mind as well just call him Master Master.

Why CoD is better: “Soap”, “Ghost”, “Taco”. Not even joking, Taco was my favorite MW2 character.

Why Metroid Prime is better: Samus Aran

Why Saving Private Ryan is better: Private Ryan

4. Samus and Army Man Hybrid.

+ =

5. The Halo song is sung by Beyonce.

6. This happens

ALSO, when I say “---- is better”, I mean at that specific category. Halo does one thing nicely, and that's grenades.
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8:51 PM on 09.07.2010

Another Gamestop horror story, and how people behind the counter don't know anything. So anyways, I walk into gamestop with $30 at my disposal. So I'm like “Ya know what I want? Parappa.”

So I go up to the counter and the guy's like “What can I help you with?”

“Yeah, I'm looking for a pretty old ps2 game, Parappa the Rappa 2.”

The Guy says “Oh yeah, I know that one, but it's for PS1”.

My extensive knowledge of Parappa had me insulted by such an idiotic statement. Another guy next to him goes, “Yeah, I remember Jammer lammy but..” And there my faith is restored. He knows there is a great game that exists. Then he says “But Parappa the rapper 2 was on PS1”.

Faith lost, I continue to argue. “Yeah, well my search has been a bit tough but..”

The guy interrupts, “Yeah, cause it's for PS1”.

This guy thinks I'm a f*cking moron. What the shit.

I said “No, I've rented it before. For ps2.”

The guy drops the most massively insulting bomb the world has yet to encounter. “You know PS1 games run on a PS2 Right?”


I give up and say, “No. You're wrong, it's ON PS2!”.

He gives me the evil eye and hops on google. Then he says, “Nope, PS1”.

I'm about to burst into tears. This guy then makes it worse.

“Oh, I see what I did, I spelt Parappa with 1 p.”


“The closest copy in a Gamestop for $7 is about....78 miles from here”.

I will find that Gamestop, and I will have my revenge on that crappy gamestop guy.

How dare he insult me in such a way!

Also, yes, my blog is FMA brotherhood themed. I know. I don't like any animes BUT this one. Seriously. Amazing.

That's what she said. Anyways, I love a good game. So I like Just cause 2. Oblivion was okay. Fallout 3 was nice. Farcry 2 was enjoyable. Guild Wars was cool. But they all have one bit of a flaw. It's nothing game ruining, but it seems to becoming more of a problem over time.

Large gameplay areas/maps. [By this, I am NOT referring to linear and non-linear games].

My mind can barely even imagine the true size of the world, so a video game one is still a problem, especially when it's the size of Elder Scroll II Dragonscroll. That's overkill guys. Because then it'll either:

1) Get boring.
2) Repeat itself
3) Become a Hassle on item-collecting quests
4) Not have a full map with every part detailed, forcing you to be like: "What?"

If it can keep the map going by making an interesting change left and right and keep me entertained, then sure. But maps can't be too small or:

1) Get Boring.
2) Quests are easy.
3) Nothing entertaining.

Like Conduit's multiplayer. Everyone has a gun and sprays everywhere in a small area and hope people die.

Anyways, maps are a bit of a toughie. Burnout Paradise's map was okay because it didn't really rely on the map, it was just drive till ya find something.

So, in summary, Developers please, don't make maps so friggin big that I'll be either confused or lose self esteem (by the fact I can't kee up) but also, don't make them so small that I'll get bored.

EXTRA: Video game maps comparison

If you've been reading about Black Ops because you're excited, then you MUST have heard about these. They're two new game modes in Black ops' multiplayer. "Gun Game" gives you a crap weapon, then by getting more kills, it upgrades. By being killed, you downgrade. "One in the Chamber" gives you a handgun with 1 bullet and tac knife. 1-shot kills. If you kill someone, you get their bullet and continue, but if not, then you have to rely on knifing.

I've been playing the modded servers of Mw2, which already have these two game modes created. Gun Game has been around longer than Black ops' multiplayer reveal, however. Anyways, here's the previewing of it:

Gun Game

Modern Warfare 2 does this beastly. There are several versions. My favorite was the 1-kill upgrade where you start with unlimited throwing knives and got an upgrade every level and the upgrade was slightly better. And some give you massive upgrades after three kills, such as going from RPG to Model Akimbo.

However, MW2 versions don't let you downgrade. Which makes a lot more sense. Because if you're facing someone amazing at it, they'll have unlimited Javelins while you have a throwing knife. Downgrading sucks. They should at least make "safe zones" where at a certain level, you can't drop below it, like in the show "Who want's to be a millionaire." This way, after they achieved x, they can't drop below x.

Let's hope Treyarch understands, and if they don't, then let's hope they patch it.

One in the Chamber



This game mode is glorious. We were playing at Scrapyard and I was doing terrible, but having a blast wit it. We all got a revolver with tac knife and we were running and knifing, trying to collect more bullets. And it worked wonders. Hard? Yes. Fun? Definitely. Treyarch CANT screw this one up.

Crappy title? Sure. But I'm back so who cares? You might not have realized I haven't posted a blog lately, well that's cause, I haven't had internet. I lost mine quite a little while ago. So yeah, it's great to be back. Time to get to today's show.

Xbox's Platinum Service

Nation, I'm against those who want money so badly even though they have more than plenty. I dislike Activision, for example. However they still make great games, so who cares? But now Microsoft has offered this new service, which speculation leads to it being $100 for "virtual goods" or "Internet Television" according to Micheal Pachter. I think he's full of analytical crap. Regardless however, this will be one thing I'm strictly against. All I want is to play with others in CoD.

Black Ops Multiplayer

I've played Gun game before, and it was a BLAST. You would start with a throwing knife, and every kill you got something slightly better. Then there was the other version, which started you with a handgun, and you got a nice upgrade every 3 kills. Seriously, LOOK FORWARD TO THIS. Treyarch will NOT dissapoint. They already have the right ideas.

The New Pokemon Black/White

My god this commercial looks like it's a whole new game. My Main "Beef" with the pokemon series was that each sequel was a tiny graphical boost and different pokemon. But it's getting really neat. The 3D rendering is beautiful. I hope it succeeds, then dies shortly after. End it here, Pokemon.

Also, it's (Poke- ee - Mon), not (Poke - ay -mon)

That's it for now. I hope to post my Monthly Musing Later.