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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 4:55 PM on 12.30.2012  (server time)
Metal Gear and Naked Gun, a study in similarities.

As I sit here with far to much time on my hands, as well as observing an argument between MGS fans and MGR fans, I realize these 2 forms of media have so much in common, crazy is crazy no matter how you paint it, and MGS is crazy, the thing is that it wants you to take it seriously, which is what the naked gun movies do, I'll cite some examples.

In the first movie Frank is investigating what happened to Nordberg, he arrives at a dock and promptly knocks a fisherman into the water, nobody bats an eye at this, this is completely normal within this world, later on in the scene he talks to a dock worker and bribes him, then the dock worker attempts to bribe Frank, with his own money I might add, this goes back and forth for awhile before Frank winds up with his own money back.

We the audience laugh at this, but within the context of the world, this is normal.

We shift to Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, the actual Metal Gear 2, not Snake's revenge, Snake is traipsing about a sewer and he gets a call, warning him of hamsters, POISON HAMSTERS, apparently crossbred rats and hamsters, the different here is that there's no laughter, nope, this is normal, its not even delivered tongue in cheek, its delivered entirely with a straight face, much like the naked gun movies do, someone is having a conversation with Snake about poisonous hamsters.

We shift to the naked gun once more, in probably one of the funniest scenes in the 2nd movie, Frank is arguing with Jane, it becomes heated and she attempts to slap him, but Frank grabs her hand, she tries her other hand but Frank grabs that as well, suddenly a 3rd hand pops out of nowhere and slaps him anyway, the audience laughs, Frank is clearly puzzled as to where the 3rd hand came from, but Jane is completely normal, its delivered pure straight man comedy.

Over to MGS once again, Big Boss has just finished an encounter with Ocelot and a trip down a crevasse and a cave, he now stands face to face with an elite cobra unit member, but this is not ordinary person, this man is a living beehive, he can fly on his bees, he can lift an adult man with them, he can craft armor made of bees around himself, he can turn them into a gun or a grenade, we the player find this absurd.

One of our first actions is to use our codec, and all the information given to us is told in a purely matter of fact way, at no point does Zero, Paramedic or anyone comment on how a man is using bees against, I mean yea they explain his origin, but anyone stung enough times by bees will die, but that's not the point, the point is how insane this all is but, but its normal within this world.

Over to Naked Gun again, in the 3rd movie, near the end 2 plot points are established, one that a bomb is in the envelopes for the winners and two, that a really bad movie is nominated for an oscar, through insanity, Frank finds the bomb and announces it as so, the people who made the horrible made immediately stand up and cheer for their movie has won.

Frank never mentioned any movie title, he merely said its the bomb, and producers and actors take it as their victory, again the audience laughs at the absurdity of it but normal within this world.

You maybe thinking, what is the point of this blog? Its simple, if you're arguing about MGR not being a true MGS game you aren't idiot, if you are comparing it to Devil May Cry you are even bigger idiot.

Like I said before, crazy is crazy no matter how put it, its the good writers that can deliver it in such a way where it makes sense, within the Devil May Cry world nothing is crazy, its a world full of gods and demons, a guy taking a sword through the chest and being fine is nothing, a woman defeating monsters without exposing herself while wearing an outfit that wouldn't even cover a cat, all normal and we accept it as so because of everything surrounding it.

Metal Gear has done crazy since DMC even existed, it was just quiet about it, a spin-off is not going to ruin the franchise in anyway, shape or form, this ain't directed at anyone in particular by the way, just saying.

So come along, let us enjoy our game, let us simply disconnect and love the absurdity of it all while at the same time playing what is sure to be one of the best action games of the year.

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