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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 7:25 PM on 02.26.2013  (server time)
Krogan Warlord and Alliance Infiltration bot review.

New ME3 multi DLC dropped today, free as always, comes with 6 new classes to mess around with. I'll be doing these blogs as I unlock them, for now I have these 2 and did several matches with them.

A giant krogan with a hammer, there is nothing with this, its one of these obvious things that should have been in the game to begin with, how on earth can they fuck this up?

Well its BioWare so fuck it up they did, truly they are masters of their craft.

The warlord is easily the tankiest Krogan since the Vanguard, the hammer comes in 2 flavors, electric or biotic, electric does more damage to shields and barriers, biotic does more damage to armor, his other power is tech armor which is identical to the krogan sent's, he's built to take a ton of damage, this would work well if the enemies didn't do so much damage on gold, if its the collector faction you may as well just leave the match.

His rage mechanic is different, it provides him a boost to health regeneration as well as the standard damage reduction, you can even make it so it takes a single heavy melee strike to get him into rage mode, against grunts he's immortal, against anything else he has to run away like a scared puppy.

Scions, brutes, banshees, praetorians, phantoms, atlases, all the boss units basically, the warlord is 100% useless against all of them, even if you know the tells that cause the boss to go into IMA KILL YOUR ASS MODE, he's still useless, the hammer even with as much melee as you can muster still doesn't do that much damage against these enemies, the main issue is that his hammer has a wind-up time and you can killed out of it, hell even minor pests like husks and abominations can knock you of the animation, it also lacks radius, so even though it looks like you split the planet in half with your hammer, you still only hurt a single enemy.

On top of this mountain of shit, HE CAN BE STAGGERED, a giant krogan the size of a small house can be rocked by a tiny ass marauder.

The Warlord is a silver unit sadly, if you play him on gold or platinum you can expect to be synced killed every single wave.

Its depressing just how bad this kit is, he maybe the worst character since the quarian female engineer.

This is a picture of EDI actually, but it doesn't matter because the infil unit is the exact same model, the only different is that its wearing more clothing.

NOW THIS KIT IS AWESOME, caps for emphasis because its just fucking amazing.

She comes with snap freeze, defense matrix and the standard cloak.

Her cloak is different because all the damage bonuses apply to shotguns, you can dish out a stupid amount of damage with her thanks to this, a claymore at max damage bonuses can damn near one shot a scion which is one of the most heath heavy enemies in the game.

Snap freeze is identical to the paladin and it was amazing even, its probably one of the best powers in the game, does good damage, goes through walls and provides an armor debuff along with a slowdown on enemies, it also freezes at least one enemy as well as staggering the rest

Defense matrix is entirely unique and makes sense given her shotgun bonuses, it provides shield restoration per second as well enhancing her speed and giving her 40% damage reduction, she also auto-revives her if she goes down while its active, it makes her impressively tanky if the situation calls for it.

This combination of powers turns her into an ultra powerful unit, zipping all over the place and murdering everything with impunity in a wave of ice and explosions, slap a reegar, some armor piercing mods and you are a god on the battlefield, easily the best class since the geth trooper.

That's all for now, hopefully next time I can bring you a review of the geth juggernaut and collector.

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