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Kyousuke Nanbu's blog

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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 5:16 PM on 01.11.2013  (server time)
Kotaku did what destruc-didn't.

Namely cover something gaming related which I feel is important.

On January 6th the yearly awesome games done quick marathon began, this is a yearly marathon done in benefit of the prevent cancer foundation,, go here if you'd like to learn more. Its for a good place, a good cause, cancer has colored my life in many ways and I've lost many family members to it, including a 7 year old nephew.

The thon was been amazing, games from old to new just dismanlted in moments, watching a man go through 2 circuits in Punch-Out while blind-folded was just amazing, the same player then proceeded to finish Ninja Gaiden 1, pacifist style, what does that mean? He beat the entire game without killing a single enemy, think about that for a sec, one of the hardest games on the NES and he beat it in a way that was never intended.

People could donate for many incentives such as filenames, get certain bonus games into the stream as Octodad(go look it up, its real) among other more commonly known titles, they even had an entire block dedicated to awful games, ranging from Sonic 2006 which is a must see to see how broken it is to Blaster Master 2 which inspired great rage.

Now, I sent the story to Chris, I assume he asked you folks about in the fortress of solitude, so what gives D-toid? The marathon has raised 274,000 dollars, Cosmo and Siglemic have yet to do their runs so 400k is in sight, the marathon is being viewed by almost 20k to 30k people at any given time, its quite large.

For all the fake bravado you guys raise sometimes, especially during the feminsm crap, you folks don't seem to cover something truly important, something that really shows the kind of thing gamers can do when they unite for a good cause, not just this, these same people have done numerous marathons for disaster relief like during the Japan quake or Hurricane Sandy.

I can look at several new bits from the 6th till now that could have easily been ignored or pushed back, I'm not asking for a huge thing, just a tiny blurb is enough, make people aware this exists, even if you don't want to donate, you can at least be quite entertained by these amazing people.

In closing this next image will express my feelings toward destructoid at this moment

Thank you and goodnight.

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