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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 3:35 PM on 09.11.2012
Jerry Lawler suffered a heart attack on Raw last night.

Obviously NVGR. But we do have a wrestling podcast and I've seen Mr. D-toid at raw a few times.

Last night during a match the king suffered a heart attack on the air, a few times you can see him slumped over the desk, medics where on him pretty much instantly but he was apparently clinically dead for a time.

At around the 6:50, 7 minute mark you can hear him making the sounds, the camera makes a good job of not focusing on it but you do get a glimpse of him slumped over his desk, major props to Michael Cole who kept commentating to keep the attention way from what was happening, though you could tell something was wrong in his voice.

From some reports it sounds like Jerry had a balloon angioplasty. This is the "non invasive" method of treating a heart attack victim where they go in through the femoral artery (in your groin/leg) and travel up the heart to the blockage using dye and fluoroscopy (live X-ray) to the blockage. They then move into the constriction and inflate a balloon to open it up and push the blockage against the walls. After opening it in this manner, they usually will put a stent in at this site to maintain the opening. Generally this goes well and prognosis is optimistic.

Course it depends on how much time he was out, if his brain was deprived of oxygen, either way his time in the ring is probably over and who knows if we'll ever see him alongside Cole again.

A lot of people don't know this but Jerry is actually a damn good artist, here's a piece one of his fans commissioned.

I'm not really looking for any arguments or anything, I liked Jerry, he's been a staple of Raw for as long as I've been watching not to mention his contribution to the sport in general plus the whole trend of wrestlers and movie stars with the Andy Kaufman thing, I truly hope he pulls through.


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