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Kyousuke Nanbu's blog

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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 2:31 PM on 01.31.2013  (server time)
Finding comfort in games after the death of a friend.

I wanna begin this blog by giving a big thank you to you all, thank you for every kind word in regards to my previous blog, it helps, more than most of you will never know, I honestly can't put it into words just how much your experiences and kind words helped. So thank you all.

I wish I could say the thing with Tiger was the worst thing that happened in 2012, but alas no, one more thing happened before the year ended, I lost my best friend, I was quite saddened of course but it felt different I guess, I had so much more to comfort in, but enough about that, let me just tell you about him and celebrate his life.

This is Devin, he was rude, abrasive, obnoxious, kind of a jerk and very slightly sexist sometimes.

And he was my best friend, I met him 14 years ago via my brother who just starting college, I didn't much of this strange person, I did take note of the funny way he walked, see the reason he's in what wheelchair is because he had muscular dystrophy, for those that don't muscular dystrophy is a degenerative disease, it attacks the muscles, all the muscles.

Anyway, eventually we got to talk to a lot and we found so many things in common, we both shared a huge love for videogames and RPG's, he also got me into Dragonball Z and was responsible of my DBZ craze via the first Brolly movie, a movie without sound I might add, it was just Goku and co beating the crap out of each other, but it was enough.

We spoke almost everyday after that, I still remember the 250 phone bill I ran up cause I used a cellphone to call him, we went to the movies, you name it, we did it.

We had a bit of a falling out after years, he joined this odd cult, I didn't like it, words where said, we spoke but not as much, a few months back I got a call saying he was in the hospital, heart problems, after the heart is just another muscle, at that point I realized nothing is enough to just stop talking like that, so I reached out to him and we reconnected once again.

Back in November he went once again into the hospital, same thing, heart stuff, I went to see him, we spoke, we had a good time with plans to coop stuff again once he was out.

That didn't happen sadly, the day after thanksgiving, at around 3:30am he passed away, there was no pain or any struggle, he was sleeping and he simply flat lined, he had signed a DNR so he went on his own terms.

I was a bit lost after his death I admit, much like what happened with Tiger, it just came out of nowhere, I figured he'd just come out of the hospital again just like always not to mention the unfulfilled promise, thankfully his whole family was there, his older brother, we sort of just found comfort in each other and it became a bit easier to mourn his passing, after awhile I began to think of ways to dedicate something to him and celebrate his life, I think talking about it here is a good idea so let's get to it.

MMX, his favorite game of all time, he actually got me into the X games thanks to this, he was quite passionate about the series in general, its funny really, during the period he passed there where tons of news regarding Megaman and I couldn't look at any of it without crying, it just reminded me of him so much, now I realize the franchise is a great way to remember him.

I did an X playthrough in his honor, even took a weird route to spice things up, the end goal as always was to defeat Sigma but this time it was different, it felt different, I didn't want to beat him, I didn't want it to end, but Devin was a compleationist, it would have wrong to not finish what I started so down Sigma went, it helped me a lot in just thinking about him and all the great things we shared.

Here's another he loved, he got this one for a birthday, I say Bukodai was the one where everything got it right, the storyline was fun along with the alternative endings and it had the biggest cast, course we just both picked Goku anyway.

You guys ever seen that MS Paint comic where a kid is explaining the virtues of SF3 and they both just end up picking Ryu anyway? That was us, just go Goku, SS4 and kick the shit out of each other.

Dude was crazy, in like 3 days he had 100% the game and had every capsule and char, course we just punching each other with Gokus.

This here, this is the friendship ender, not mario party, Double Dash Coop was responsible for so many arguments between us two and a near fistfight, we where so-so close to finishing that all star cup but a mistimed sideways hit sent us flying into the water, we decided to drop it for the sake of our friendship.

Never did beat that damn all star cup, maybe I should give it another swing for him.

He never did like any other BoF game, 3 was it, his masterpiece and favorite RPG, Garr, Rei, Momo, Peco and of course Ryu and Nina, again he just broke this game wide open, max level, best equipment set-ups, Myria didn't have a chance with his party, he liked it so much he imported the UK only PSP version.

I wasn't the biggest fan but I enjoyed watching him play, took us hours to get through that stupid desert thanks to an incorrect translation but we made it.

Not so much a videogame, but a game never the less, didn't care much for the anime but boy did he love it and the cards to boot, I never beat him once, he always destroyed me with his insane decks, closest I ever came was a poison deck I created, alas part of the poison effect was me taking damage as well, after all that I was done in by my own hubris, rather ironic wen I think about it.

Anyway, that's about it for this particular blog, I'm happy to have shared this with all of you and more importantly, I'm happy to remember him like this, my gaming buddy, I'm not in any hurry to die but I can't say I'm afraid it anymore knowing who's waiting for me up there, we'll have our coop date yet.

Rest in peace my brother and I will see you on the other side.

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