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Kyousuke Nanbu's blog

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Kyousuke Nanbu avatar 2:44 PM on 03.29.2012  (server time)
Broken pieces of crap and you.

I've been playing games since I was 4, I'm 28 right now, that's a long ass time to be enjoying games but something about the medium just grabbed me. But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about buggy ass pieces of shit that get released and slapped 60 dollar price tag, buggy ass pieces of shit where the developer remains tight lipped and issues not statement regarding them, buggy ass pieces of shit that can get you banned because of one particular bug.

I'll start with my header picture, Operation Raccoon City, not a bad game, astoundingly mediocre I'd say, at least the co-op campaign, as soon as you step into the multi it becomes a river of shit, you aren't just in shit creek, you're in the shit ocean with no way to get out.

First off let's about the guns, as with any shooter there's always the de-facto best ones, the problem isn't with that, its the shotguns, shotguns are powerful but they have the added effect of knocking someone down with the force of the blast here, you can be set-up for any number of things if someone shotguns in this game, I honestly don't the understand of the knockdown effect, its just aggravating and in the modes where you have more health its just used to stunlock you for 10 seconds, fun for everyone except the guy getting shot.

Let's move on to skills, one character class has a move that makes him immune to ALL damage, think about that for a second, a skill you activate with a press of a button makes you superman, oh wait, it also makes you super accurate as well, there's no downside and relatively fast cooldown time, now you fellas tell me, is there something wrong there? A skill that makes you accurate and immune to everything? Was this shit even playtested?

Spawn camping is extremely simple, there's no system in place to spawn you elsewhere on some game modes, just near or at your face, there is no spawn protection so you spawn and get a face full of bullets to your face

But this is just weapon balance, let's move on to the technical side, these are all bugs I've experienced in my games.

My character model holding the backwards, shooting it would hurt me.
Shooting bullets out of my grenade launcher
Worst netcode in history, I have other multi games and this is the only one where I lag about 2 or 3 seconds in some matches
A command during an objective match, this is what is said "gvirus.pickup.action.disabled"
Yes we couldn't pick up our objective DURING THE OBJECTIVE MATCH.
Hardlocking my console, 3 times.
Unable to continue during the campaign due to a scene not triggering

And the bug that can get you banned, I was immune to all forms of damage for an entire match, I was accused of hacking by numerous people and someone said he got on a capture card, if I seriously get banned from XBL due to a bug I will be more than pissed. This kind of garbage in a game is inexcusable, there was no playtesting here, there was no quality control, just rush this barely working game out the door and hope the fans don't bitch, shit there's a bug thread on the Capcom forums that is enormous, so far all we know is that Slant Six can't do shit, its all in Capcom's hands so we might as well just write the game off now.

I don't know about the rest of you but I am sick and tired of this shit, I'm not paying 60 dollars to beta test something, I pay 60 dollars for a working fucking product, I can excuse map glitches and other minimal glitches, but not the sheer volume of crap this game has, this is shit that should pop up during playtesting.

And like I said already, Capcom is silent on the issues, I guarantee you we'll get DLC for this piece of crap before any fixes come down the pipeline.

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