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I like pie.


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Let's just get right to it folks, no pictures here.

10. I am a chef.

I studied in a culinary institute and got my degrees for local and international cuisine as well as the bakery program they offered which covered everything related to that field, cakes, bread, pastries, etc. Alas the economy keeps screwing me out of jobs, you know what its like to wake up at 6am for an interview and you're number 217 to get there? For a job with 30 positions no less, total numbers where like 5,000 for those interviews.

9. I'm not really that abrasive.

I like to be honest, I do it in real life which hasn't endeared me to many people but I can't help myself, I won't go out of my way to hurt someone but if they're doing something I call them out on it, many teachers hated me because of this but meh, I have no fucks to give, I'm actually a fairly nice guy if you get to know :P

8. I love cats

I have 6 cats I claim ownership off, 3 indoors, 3 outdoors, love these furry little bastards, they've brought me joy and sadness.

7. I have a wrong a community member.

I wish I could remember his d-toid name, I have him on my AIM list as Nintendo Barf Bag, he's the guy that does huge posts and gets some awesome games in.

Anyway, we did a trade once, it went smoothly, we planned another and finances got in the way, I was planning to send him a boatload of guides but I could never afford, its been 2 years, something always comes up, I feel terrible about this and still want to do things right by him, I truly hope I can rectify this someday.

6. I am from Puerto Rico

Born and raised here for 28 years, largely why it troubles to send things as listed above, especially since he lives in Canada, but that's no excuse.

5. I am fluent in 2 languages

Entiendes? No? Then you don't speak spanish then :D

4. I play anything.

My tastes are all over the place, I really don't care about quality that much, as long as a game is serviceable I will play it, hell my favorite survivor horror game is Extermination, a launch title for the PS2 many moons ago, it did a lot of awesome stuff that hasn't been emulated since.

3. I'm competitive, though I claim I'm not.

I get sooooooooooo pissed when I die a lot in a multi game, I'm above average but some people are just way better, despite this I still get mad when I lose, been thinking of just sticking to co-op shit but Gears has to much allure, despite the gnasher fest it is, it boils down to skills really and I can get behind that.

2. I died once.

When I was 8 I drowned, I remember the place, the time, I remember the feeling, just fidgeting and swallowing water, the corner of the pool was literally inches from me, if I had reached out.

I think that now sure but at the time, just pure panic and fear, don't remember much after that, I came to in my cousin's arms in a car, 5 days in the hospital and I was ok, I was told that I was pullled from the pool and was lifeless, a woman broke through the crowd and gave me CPR, a shame I never got to know her, I would love to thank her, I owe her my life.


1. I'm a girl.

Everyone's just assumed I'm a guy right? Well I'm not, never really felt the need to publish it of course, especially on a gaming site, don't wanna come off as attention whoring, I even send packages through my brother's company so my name doesn't pop up when I interact with fellow forums goers, shortened version of my real name is Mari, you can call me that if you want.

Well there you have it, 10 things you give no fucks about.
Also I lied, one picture.


Direct linking to it because its huge, one of my kitties, she's not pregnant, just really fucking fat.

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