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Kylius's blog

12:50 PM on 08.24.2010

FIFA 11 Hands-on

As some of the Dtoid UK guys know, I'm one of the team over at, and as part of that, yesterday I was invited to the ever-impressive Emirates Stadium for some hands on time with the that latest in the FIFA dyna...   read

7:02 AM on 11.28.2009

ATTN: UK 360 Gamers: Left 4 Dead 2 £15!!

I know this is more Gemsi's line of work, but I had to share it with everyone and the C-Blogs have the biggest audience. Left 4 Dead 2 is a mere £15 with free P&P on! Perfect if you're skint in the ...   read

10:11 AM on 09.24.2009

The Forgotten: Global Gladiators

Everyone remembers their first console Ė I remember waking up on my 6th birthday and my parents had set up a Sega Master System II on the TV in mine and my brothers room, so the first thing I saw on the January morning was th...   read

8:36 AM on 09.03.2009

A Gamer Moves Out!

Septemberís going to be a pretty big deal for me, I've made a few changes to my usual way of life - not least of which is the decision that after 22 years of sponging off my parents; Iím taking the plunge and am going to mov...   read

8:52 AM on 07.28.2009

Current Gen Games for Long Haul Flights

Last week I returned to the UK from Brisbane Ė Iím sure there are a fair few travelling Dítoiders who have also done similar length trips and know that, depending on the amount of Alcohol and sleeping tablets available, these...   read

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