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A Cast of Thousands: Balthier and Fran

There they are. Just look at them. He's a Sky Pirate. She's a Viera. (Vieras are part rabbit, part great ass.) What's not to like? Okay, so maybe I should go into greater detail. I like Final Fantasy XII. Maybe you...


[GM]Dave on being an adult gamer

http://bannable-offenses.blogspot.com/ Maybe you don't know who [GM]Dave is. Maybe you read his blog starting from the beginning. Maybe you don't stop reading for hours. Anyways, here was his entry today. I luld. [u...


Destructoid Easter Egg

I hope everyone had a nice Easter Holiday. We sure did. Donna had got the baskets o' candy done and she'd started up with the egg-coloring when she asked if I was going to be doing any of it at all. I quickly got into tryi...


Brawl - I want it

So, with a release date of 3-9-08, I can pick this up Sunday morning? I wasn't going to pre-order it, but I want a copy that day. Any Los Angeles locations for midnight pickup? Eeeee! Update: This would have been a bett...


Boob flash hilarity... Ladies?

ctrlaltdel-online.com Navigation to comic is on the left. Once again, I find my funnybone quite tickled. Also, I feel this comic is both good and true. Let all who comment bare witness to the awesome, hypnotizing, fun-to-look-at power of boobs.


About KyleGamgeeone of us since 3:35 PM on 11.16.2006

I've got a backlog (games I have that I still need to beat). Everybody does.

BioShock and Portal are some of my favorite games.

I love the SNES. So many great games Pilotwings, SMW, F-Zero, UN Squadron, FFIV & VI, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, ActRaiser, Super Metroid, The Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past... the list goes on.

I love playing the Xbox 360. I enjoy the Wii just fine, but I LOVE the 360.

Iplay Rock Band the most (probably) at parties, or in my Rock Band band Blargg with Dexter345.

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