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KyleGamgee's blog

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KyleGamgee avatar 12:36 PM on 08.30.2007  (server time)
My first Blog on Destructoid

How the hell did I get here?

Oh right, I remember. There was a contest. I could min one of those Nintendo Wii's, all I have to do is guess a Playstation game in this forum. I better come back every day...

And so I did. I didn't figure out the game, but everybody started to guess the same game, so I did too. I didn't win-but there was a new contest soon after! win a PS3 or 2 Wiis... Vib Ribbon Vib Ribbon Vib Ribbon Sheep Raider?

Nope, didn't win that either.

But by this time, I was checking out the pictures thread (my first post on the pictures thread was on page 10. It confused Fana7ic). There were some girls posting pictures. (Atheistium was a regular on the thread, and soon Rhyannon joined and started posting too.) but one of the first things I saw that made me feel like I might have found something special was this post by blu3steel:

It felt like I was home, or wherever it is that you are where you feel like people really get you.

Then I started on the Main Blog, following the information and hype that led up to and through the Console Wars of the '06 holiday season. I felt very well informed and could carry on and contribute to interesting conversation with my more hardcore gamer friends (thank you Destructoid!)

The rest, as they say, is history.

That History includes me winning a Final Fight hat and a PC game, Galactic Civilizations. I won Destructoid contests - You can too!

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