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KyleGamgee avatar 3:46 PM on 10.07.2010  (server time)
Consensual rape: Super Ghouls and Ghosts

Ronathon sure was fun, and a good cause.

Apparently you can hear me all throughout the podcast; whenever I die playing Super Ghouls and Ghosts. :P

I was telling bushofghosts about it...


how long did you play it for?!
you fucking masochist!


It was the strangest thing. I'd never played it before.
People that seemed to know what they were doing were having trouble.
Seriously, getting to the first checkpoint was so crazy.
because it took us like, almost an hour.
The game nicely shows you how long it is, 8 bosses it looks like.
but it took us so long just to GET TO the first one....
once I did I figured out a decent strategy, but it took many tries to take him down.
Other people tried the 2nd level, but eventually I got the controller
and more importantly the green armor which made my weapon more powerful and heat-seeking.
I beat the boss the first time I met him
I don't know why we played the 3rd level
The funny thing is you have limited continues.
BUT you earn more by scoring enough points before you quickly die.
It became my White Whale
I couldn't turn it off, it had to beat me. I wanted to run out of continues.
I wanted the game to send me back to the beginning before I turned it off.

I almost started begging it to

to just defeat me, to make it stop.
I got to the 3rd boss and he seemed impossible
No strategy, only death.

I couldn't get to him every time, and if I had the wrong weapon I could barely touch him
He encircles you so you can't move, then he leaves but
immediately a barrage of projectiles takes you out.
I actually beat him once, and the key showed up to move on, but
the projectiles still came and killed me.
So fucked up.

(As I'm telling the story I can't help but think how fun this all was) :D

I finally met him with the green armor on and a great weapon.
I beat him up some, dodged the projectiles like a professional ninja (everyone cheered)
and quickly killed his ass.
The 4th level I didn't touch. I wouldn't.
I didn't want to get sucked in again.
I didn't pick up the SNES controller again that day.

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