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11:23 PM on 05.20.2010

The Industry, Community and Masochism

You'd think as the gaming community, we'd have progressed past 'hooks' like the "sex sells" ideology that is still prevelent today, in most, if not all other mediums of entertainment. Yeah, I love watching some oriental chick kick the shit out of some fella on the floor, whilst sporting some serious knockers. It doesn't matter that she has the body of a 12 year old whilst having abnormally big double d delectables AND being able to round house kick a man through a ceiling; we've never been that hung up on idle things like "logic" and "the laws of physics", I can look past that, but at some point you got to ask yourself "Is this really worth forking out 40 for?". Is it also justifiable to slap a 55 price tag on a game you know is only going to sell, because of its predocessor's success with online capabilities?
When did this shift in taste occur? For how long has momentum alone been able to carry a franchise, as apose to it's merits as a good game? Look at the Guitar Hero series for example. It's ridiculous with what they get away with; charging 40 for what's basically a DLC.

Is it possible that I'm blinded by the innoncence of my youth, and that hind-sight in this instance isn't 20/20? Is Guitar Hero the Super Mario Bros of today? Is Modern Warfare 2's Takedown, the Zelda: OoT's Water Temple of 2010? Is Splinter Cell the Saw of the gaming industry?

I know, it's fucking tragic stuff. But all hope isn't lost, at least we know guys like these can extort some satisfaction out of the games of today, through the use of electrocution, jizzy eggs and golden showers. Maybe in the next installment of Guitar Hero, it'll come with a complementary testicular vice? We can only hope.

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2:32 AM on 02.09.2009

Zelda and... Bitch Bars?

I freaking love this vid. I don't know why exactly, but it always seems to make me smile. Anyway, this is more just of a 'howdy' rather than me making a thread in the Meet & Greet forum.

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