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Kyle MacGregor avatar 11:52 PM on 03.02.2011  (server time)
So I heard Dead Space 2 was a thing...

From the moment I heard about Dead Space I was in love with the concept.

My father indoctrinated me into the world of science fiction when I was a young child. Star Wars, Star Trek, Doom, Larry Niven and Robert Heinlein novels…I was exposed to it all whether I liked it or not. Similarly, I’ve been in love with survival horror since I first played Resident Evil on the Gamecube. So this whole Dead Space thing seemed like a match made in heaven – a game made just for me.

I’ve had a Wii much longer than I’ve had my PlayStation 3, so the first title in the series I managed to get my hands on was Dead Space Extraction. Despite all the hate it got for various design and platform choices I genuinely liked the game.

Extraction was perfectly digestible. I can’t remember specifically how long it took me to complete, but it couldn’t have been much longer than five or six hours. I was fine with that. I liked it so much I played it twice.

So now fast forward a year or so. Dead Space 2 is coming out soon, and I’ve had a copy of Dead Space in my possession that my friend, and now colleague over at Gamer Limit, is too scared to play. He’s leant the game to me, but now there’s a bunch of hype surrounding the franchise and he wants to give it another shot.

So I needed to play Dead Space. “Fuck all my other games, I have to play this game now” I said to myself. Sorry Medal of Honor multiplayer, so long Far Cry 2 No Death Run Attempt #4 it’s time for a game I’ve wanted to play for years but haven’t for some reason.

It’s sort of scary for the first hour or two…at least in the way that Resident Evil was the first time you saw the dog come through that window. After that it’s just more of the same really. Same old shit. The hours wear on. The game drones on. There’s nothing really to break up the “go here, do this” gameplay other than the same necromorph ambushes time and again.

I get so bored I decide to look something on the internet up. “THIS GAME HAS TWELVE FUCKING CHAPTERS?” I was barely half way through that shit and I wanted to be done. Then you get near the end and there’s the annoying “puzzles” – if you want to call them that. The people that said Dead Space is what Resident Evil 5 should have been have to be fucking kidding themselves.

I really like what EA have been doing lately. Extraction, Dante’s Inferno, Mirror’s Edge, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, in my opinion it’s all been fantastic. I went into Dead Space expecting a decent game, but now can’t for the life of me figure out why people like it so much. The most I can say for it is its mediocre, satisfactory, fair, a decent attempt at a new IP.

So I hear Dead Space 2 came out…not really that stoked anymore though. LMK when the next “shitty” rail shooter game comes out I’ll be all over that.

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