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11:38 PM on 04.19.2010  

PSA: Chaos Rings hits the App Store

Chaos Rings, an iPhone exclusive RPG has been released in the App Store Touch Arcade has first impressions here.

Gameplay Video here.

At $12.99 it's a bit pricey for the App Store, but for those interested I'll see if I can post an App Store link.

Chaos Rings: App Store

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1:53 PM on 04.09.2010  

Sonic Fanboy Meltdown

YouTuber Aknotholeresident thought it would be a good idea to grab his Sonic plushie and watch the debut Sonic 4 trailer, insanity ensues. He has since removed the video from his YouTube channel, but not before a Team Fortress 2 fan got a hold of it, hilarity ensues.

Sonic fanboys need to STFUAPG!!!

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11:53 PM on 04.08.2010  

Spot The World Exclusives

Did you spot it?

Will it happen?

What are your thoughts?

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