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Kwamouflage avatar 11:00 PM on 10.14.2012  (server time)
Suntoid #2 - You got BLEACH in my BOOZE!

You know how sometimes you hear a story about a nasty customer consuming saliva ridden food because the waiter or cook wanted to get back at them?

Well consider yourselves lucky you donít live in Japan, because apparently disgruntled workers take ďrevengeĒ far too seriously according to

Quick translation: the Nagano prefecture chain izakaya had to call 119 as a result of a very foolish mixup. As it turns out a staff member allegedly poured a bleach substance used to clean the floor into one of the barís tokkuri ceramic bottles. BLECH!

Funnily enough, this isnít the first time itís happened as well. Apparently itís all the rage in bars now, pardon my ignorance.

As a result of this extremely dangerous situation it 9 patrons consumed the substance. 5 of them fell ill and 2 of them had to undergo treatment.

Moral of the story? Donít piss of your waiter. In fact: be super nice. Nicer than you have ever been. But not too nice! Donít want to creep them out.

Oh almost forgot! There were no fatalities.

Anyways I hope you found this late Suntoid to be very enlightening and crucial to starting your week!

Until next time, C you later.

Suntoid is a (hopefully) weekly blog series meant to derive quirky news from Asia worth discussion.

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