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Kwamouflage avatar 3:36 PM on 09.13.2012  (server time)
ARTOID #1 - NES in Feudal Japan

In my first Blog series: FLICKER EFFECT I teased that I was working on a few blog projects. One of which happened to really be an itch that I needed scratching: art hunts. You know that one artist that you love, who draws every dream character you could think of? The one and only artist who gives you the hardest nerdrection you could muster?

Well we won’t be talking about him. Instead… what I do have is an arrangement of goodness I snooped across the web. Here’s what I managed to rummage up:

=> Castlevania
As an old fan of the franchise I have been guilty of buying or at least renting every installment released by Konami including the infamous 3D adventures such as: Castlevania 64, Legacy of Darkness, Curse of Darkness, and of course Lament of Innocence. In the past I have actually been much more reluctant to admit it openly but the (somewhat recent) cblog: "I love what you hate" by Renegade Panda inspired me to not give a shit and admit my guilty pleasures to the world. Now admittedly I would be wrong to say that the later installments of the Castlevania franchise has been well received or interesting in the past and it'd be stupid to say that it couldn't be improved or at least reinvented with new looks or a spin off with a different theme to it. This very mythical Feudal Japan look evokes a Tim Burton-esque emotion while still managing to look like an Inuyasha remake directed by Go Nagai. Longing for a game like this since Muramasa the Demon Blade I find myself wondering what Konami is doing to reinvent the franchise. But then I rewatch the Jimquisition and realize that Konami needs new blood, not ONE MIRRION TROOPS.

=> Mario Kart
Pretty interesting. The concept of being pulled by a toad or koopa turtle on a Pulled Rickshaw grabs my attention a lot. It again evokes a more Oriental feel and the thought of riders fighting each other by throwing random objects that are volatile in disguise tickles me to no end. Nintendo needs to do this, ESPECIALLY after the snore that was Mario Kart 7.

=> Megaman
Megaman fans such as once famed GameNOW Associate Editor (now Nintendo Power writer & Co-host of the Player One Podcast) Phil Theobald and LLC founder Craig Skistimas may find NOTHING at all wrong with the look of the original Megaman series, but because Megaman is famed for having multiple spin off franchises a change such as this wouldn't be unwelcomed at all. Megaman (now probably named Rockman or perhaps Earth Man) could be much like Wonder Woman: created from clay, the perfect warrior to battle the evil god/devil/sorcerer Wily (perhaps now Wai Ryu) and his army of equally formidable clay warriors. The premise is juuuuuuust far enough that I can find myself enthralled in the series once more while the gameplay not changing too much from the original.

=> Metroid
Black haired Samus needs to go. So does the green mask, she looks like she's wearing a badly drawn Hal Jordan mask. The rest is amazing. The Metroids look more menacing than ever. They could be a brand new spawn of demons spawned from Hell to colonize Feudal Japan once and for all. Japan's mightiest warriors have fallen and only one woman can save them now does she so dare to dawn the armor of Zeroku, sacrificing her right arm in the process. See? That sounds like an entirely different game. By the way, I much prefer the second image looks much better than her first.

=> Kirby
I... I'm sold. I don't know what it is about this picture that sells me more though. Is it the fact that King DeDeDe doesn't look like a fat piece of crap or the obviously TERRIFYING KIRBY about to devour his fallen prey? Maybe it's just the katana. I'm a sucker for those.

=> Pokemon
Ugh... if the graphics of the pokemon game looked like this I would never complain about new installments of the series. Ever. Just look at those men. It's so obvious, clear as day in fact, that Pokemon is a GAMBLER'S GAME! WHY bother "training" your pokemon day in and day out and HOW IN THE HECK DO YOU EXPLAIN GETTING MONEY FROM YOUR VICTORIES? I do believe I have been retroactively been mimento'd by this simple suggestion, much like the famed "would you kindly," moment in Bioshock (SPOILERS!).

This is all done by artist Jed Henry by the way: I'm going to let you look up the rest on His Art Blog.

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