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9:22 AM on 03.28.2010

The Dtoid Shirts

Where can I buy one? just the green with mr. destructoid face.

As far as this blog goes after i get my answer i can make it private right?

Thanks in advance.   read

1:14 PM on 03.08.2010

Bad Company 2 Battlefield tips

Each Class has things that they are strong in. Thing is, most people have been playing mw2 (nothing against it) and that has a completely different play style. Here are some Tips depending on the class your playing.

Assault: I don't have much for assault, as i personally hate it, but it is useful.
1. Something useful about assault is the grenade launcher. Use it to blow open buildings for easier entrance to a rush target, or to destroy cover being used by snipers and enemy team members. Players who can't adapt to the change will be easy fodder as they move from one place to the next. Also, bonus points for killing an enemy with a building.
2. Ammo Boxes, Use them. Yeah they refill your ammo so you can be rambo and go gung ho on everyone, but you get points for other people using them! Throw them down everywhere, around Snipers (people playing recon, who don't know how to play recon) and just randomly around your base if your defending. But most of all, do it a lot! The more boxes, the more likely you are to get points.

Engineer: Engineers are tactile, and can be used as assault, and can take out vehicles.
1. If you don't use your pistol, use the tracer! Tracer everything, if you are at an enemy base, why not tracer that tank? when someone gets in, everyone knows. It also nets you bonus points, but don't just trace, Tag it too if people are in it. When it is destroyed, Profit
2.If you are less gung ho, and are defending on a map in which their are currently no helicopters, Why not try out the tank mine. Position it on a downward sloping hill to make it harder to see. Or if you are feeling like a martyr, run towards it as it drives towards you and throw it down. If you're lucky a medic will revive you, in which you both benefit from the points.
3. You have a repair tool. Use it. If their is a wrench on your mini map, they need you. It takes like ten seconds, and depending on how weak it is. You can get 50-100 points.
4. Jump in a heli and repair it. Heli's can help control the battlefield, and getting it shot down is bad for business. Keep it alive and not only do you get repair points, but when anyone gets a kill. You get squad passenger points. Profit

1. Heal > Revive. Heal them before they are dead. If they have like 1% health. You can get around a hundred points, 200 if they are a squadmate. Compare that to your flat fifty or 80 you get for revives and you can easily see why most ace players are medics.
2. However, Revive everyone possible! The defib unit is a one shot kill, one shot ... bring back to life. you get fifty points (or 80) per revive, and if attacking, your respawn ticket back. Although not as many points as a medkit, it keeps everyone on the front lines. And if they die again, Hey more points
3. Stay close to team players, but don't necessarily shoot your gun. Being a medic is more about saving lives than taking them. Shooting can give away your position and make you vulnerable to death, which is bad because you don't get points for dying. however
4. When playing in a team, if your guy was mowed down by someone else, kill the enemy before reviving your teammate. Sounds simple, but alot of medics attempt to revive before taking care of the problem in the first place.
5.Med kits: Use them. Same as assault. Throw them everywhere as often as possible. Your points will build up quickly and your team will stay healthy.

1. Radar Balls, Throw them. Motion mine assists are an easy twenty points. Throw them into firefights to net easy points and throw them randomly and hope to get lucky with enemies coming that way. Throw them into a rush target so you can see when it is being diffused. Find Assault, refill, and throw some more.
2. Tag randomly. Chances are you aren't going to one shot someone with the sniper unless you have only played sniper and are that good. So tag everything. Not only does the enemy now have a red dot above them, but if you shoot them one, and someone else kills them. You still get 50 points as if you killed them. With other bonus's to.
3. C4> Mortar. You are Recon, not sniper. Point out enemies, destroy buildings and tanks. Throw a radar ball, If you see a tank, hide behind a wall, throw a C4 on the side, and detonate. Easy points, and no more tank. The mortar is slow, however if you must use it. Use it often! On buildings of defenders, At the attackers Base. everywhere always.
4. Moving > Camping. If you kill someone. Move. Even if it is to the other side of wherever. There is a killcam. They may not know your exact location, but i'm sure they are going to try and find you. So move and kill them again.

1. Groups > Solo. Groups get you more points and increase your chance of survival. No, you are not a lone wolf.
2. Tank parties. 4 people in a tank is a useful tactic. You can cover all directions and normally kill engineers and recon before they have a chance to blow you up. Mortars are not a problem if you keep moving.
3. Use the parachute. Run up buildings and parachute down to other places, and jumping out of a helicopter and parachuting behind lines is great for gurriella warfare.
4. Find alternate rounds and Blindside the enemy. Don't run head on like an idiot
5. Use C4 as traps. If you can't get behind or to the side of a tank. Throw it on the road and hope they drive over it (don't forget to detonate)
6. Use equipment that recharges as much as possible! You have unlimited of it, why wouldn't you.
7. Plant C4 on objectives (rush or conquest) and detonate them. on Rush it gets you some points, and kills if people are disarming (capturing).
8. Stay together, but don't bunch up. Working in a team is good, but if you're to close a lucky grenade could ruin your party.
9. Destroyed vehicles are cover. Who would expect an attack on the other side of a tank that is blown up and still on fire. Not them.

P.S. I put this under "About destructoid" because their is not a multiplatform post tag that i'm aware of. Hope these help.   read

10:27 PM on 02.14.2010

Bioshock 2 problems

Okay. so i got the game for pc, been playing online and everything was running good until about three days ago when all of a sudden i experience intense lag in every single match, teleporting all over the place. None of my other online games do this and i have no idea what the problem is.

I ran dxdiag and this is the stuff i have so that anyone can possibly help.

OS: Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.
Processor: intel core 2 duo, e7400 @ 2.8oGHz
Memory: 4096 Ram
DirectX version: 11.

Display: ATI Radeon HD 4850
total memory 2554 mb
And it says all video drivers are up to date.

I also ran a speedtest and ping test from and have a 5mb dl, and at i have 20 ping.   read

8:20 AM on 01.30.2010

Thoughts on Mass effect 2 (video)

Sorry the audio isn't so loud. Anyways this game is amazing.


With Spoilers:

Oh! one thing i forgot though is the length. The pacing of the game seemed rather quick, the game itself however took me about 23 hours to complete. With my character being level 24, that's almost 1 level an hour. didn't seem like it, but great game.   read

10:12 PM on 01.07.2010

End of the Century: My 360 is Dead

As of 11:00 p.m. of January 6th, 2010. My 3 year old Xbox 360 unit is now inoperable. The problem seems to lie within a type of graphic read error and begins when any game (did not try dvd's, but both disc and hard drive) is booted. On January 5th I decided to rent Bayonetta. I completed it the afternoon of the sixth, taking 11:55 minutes. After taking a break from playing (my hand damaged from button mashing x,y, or b for torture's and climaxes), I decided to return to Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, only 6 ranks away from achieving seventy. Upon joining favela, a interesting checkerboard like pattern popped up on the screen, freezing the game, even returning to the dashboard was disabled. I rebooted and searched a new match. Scrapyard. The game starts, i run forward, same occurrence. After profanities i unplug everything and set it apart, hoping it is a simple overheat issue caused by bayonetta. i let it sit, go to sleep, and then to work. Returning to you now tonight, i realized it is not so simple. i registered my 360, but the warranty is long since expired. The cost to fix it according to microsoft is $99, money i do not have right now because classes are starting up again, it's right after the holidays so i spent money on other people (i received food for christmas due to my financial state), and of course bills.

So my 360 is going to sit there... Sleep tight 360. Your three years have served me well. When I acquire the money to buy a phoenix down, you will be resurrected.

Much love.   read

12:51 AM on 11.29.2009

Do The Wrong thing: TF2, the Spy

(taken from Anthony Burch's article on playing a spy)

Today I am here to talk about evil. The evil of Valve's spy in Team Fortress two.

Being a semi new player, I am often frustrated by the evil doing of a clever spy (yes, they're clever. i'm sure as hell not as good as them). I enjoy playing as a good pyro, sniper, scout, or medic. The Pyro as anyone who has played can tell you, has minimal trouble with a spy, the other three classes is where the destruction ensues.

The Sniper: A good spy will sneak up right behind you and just like that it's over. Of course no one has your back (until you find the razorback) so a revenge kill is not even made. I found the razorback recently though. tired of getting backstabbed while zoomed in or pulling back the bow, i equipped it. What does valve do to "Balance" this? they give the spy the Ambassador, it does less damage, but grants critical headshots. I'm zoomed it waiting on my prey, safe with the razorback, then, headshot, on me, point blank, from a spy. Needless to say anyone within a 1 mile radius hears me scream WTF, and no, it isn't the acronym.

The scout:... you know in retrospect, not much trouble with spys as a scout.

The Medic: The medic is essential, especially in those no respawn overtime moments, but being a medic means watching someone elses (i.e. Heavy, demo, soldier, pyro) back, and no one to watch yours. I've never healed an enemy spy (to my knowledge) but i'm always healing only to be backstabbed. It gets a bit ridiculous.

Refute: Of course i can be caught playing as a spy on some occasions. when i get tired of being shot by a sniper, i'll pull out my handy knife and cloak and get ready to go stabby stab upon their backs. and i must tell you. As much as i despise the spy for all his evil. all his brilliant, tactical evil. I envy him. Not only does he wear a nice suit to battle, a ski mask, and carry a revolver (like james bond). He also destroys things, pretends to work for the enemy (sometimes like bond) and carries a badass one hit kill knife (if done correctly... unlike james bond). I'll tell you... when you get that payback kill and go for the double only to be lit on fire. Its pure bliss, pure evil bliss. The spy goes out backstabbing the enemy in a blaze of glory due to a spy check.

Do the wrong thing, and play spy, humor your dark side, and in the meantime. i'll play pyro.   read

1:24 AM on 07.20.2009

Realism vs. imagination.

Is Realism always better in a video game? What led me to this question was borderlands. An as of yet unreleased game that changed its Art style midway through the game.In my opinion the realism of the game look fantastic. A bleak, barren, wasteland of a Desert planet, with wind/sand scarred buildings seemed fantastic. The art style is now described as a "comic book" style art. with thick dark lines around characters and seems a tad childish.

Do not get me wrong however. I enjoy the stylistic change of pace in a gaming industry that is constantly pushing for more realistic games. But is this change better suited for the game itself. Borderlands seems to be a more mature based game set in a setting that i believe a realistic art style would be better suited. It has many weapons, interesting clothes, and all things people would expect in a realistic first person shooter.

But perhaps the stylistic change will set it apart and make it more popular. As is always the case, it could go either way, which makes me realize, we gamers are fickle creatures.   read

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