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Kumasimc avatar 12:14 AM on 05.26.2014  (server time)
May You Receive All You Ask For



Ok, so it's been awhile. I'm relatively new to PC Gaming, you see. I played PC back in the day of Doom, and Rise of the Triad, but right around Quake and Dark Forces my computer became out of date. Being that I was just a little tyke, I was dependent on my parents and they didn't really care about graphic cards or the like.

So consoles it was! 

I went from NES to Genesis to PlayStation and then pretty much every console after that until now. I recently bought a computer with a nice gaming setup and started plundering the depths of Steam. And dear god is there a lot of shit on Steam! That said, I have been rather busy buying up classic games (The Longest Journey, Another World) PC exclusive games (Amnesia, Dear Esther), Multi-Platform games that just look and play way better on PC (Bioshock Infinite, Skyrim) and indies, indies indies (Papers, Please, AntiChamber, Gone Home, The Swapper, ETHER-One, Year Walk, Lifeless Planet, The Binding of Isaac, Kairo, Goat Simulator, MirrorMoon, SuperBrothers, Starseed Pilgrim, Thirty Flights of Loving, The Stanley Parable.... on and on and on)!

So.... ahem. Sorry bout that, I'm back now.

But Let me just talk for a moment about this mammoth month of may we are having!

First off, Transistor. Wow. It's been awhile since I have just sat down and destroyed a game like that. I could not stop. The game just throws you in and never lets up. I kept figuring out new things about it (it's really worth it to play with as little prior knowledge as possible) and it absolutely blew me away. 

Next up, Wolfenstein: The New Order. This game has gotten some "meh" reviews, but I must say, if you grew up on FPS, and started with id and Apogee games, you have to play this. I can best sum it up this way. There's a little easter egg where you can play a level of the original Escape From Castle Wolfenstein towards the middle of the game. The graphics are the original graphics but with a polished HD sheen. oh, and your arm is his new arm. But here's the thing, When I remember playing the original, that's how I remember it. When I play the actual EFCW it feels so old, but this little bonus brings back how it felt. And in a way, that's how the new game feels. It feels like what Wolfenstein would be if it had just been released 20 some years later. It's both modern and retro, classic and new-fangled. It's got that perfect blend of B-Movie over the top action and wonderfully directed cinematics that make it hilarious and heart-warming all at once. As soon as I heard that the team was made up of former Starbreeze Devs, I knew It would be solid, and that's what it is. Solid. If you want and appreciate a good, single player FPS, you'll dig it. If you remember IDSPISPOPD and "They'll bury you in a lunch box!" You'll love it. It's a love letter to the First-Person Shooter.

And here's the kicker, May isn't even done yet! Watch Dogs (and no, I refuse to insert that little underscore in the middle) is right around the corner, and for those looking for a real treat that's more hidden away, May 29th will be a very special day. I urge anyone who believes in supporting original game developers to plop down 20 bones, log onto Steam and buy "Among the Sleep". There's a free demo up if you wanna try it, but it's a first person atmospheric horror game, where you play a 2-year old. (of course, this being Destructoid, you all probably already know this.)

Well, I'll be back soon with another ramble before the month ends. I hope all is well with any of the few who read this. 

Log on, rock witch!


PS, there's a certain robot hidden in Wolfy that we all know and love...

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