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7:18 AM on 04.15.2014

My dear friend Cleo recently introduced me to a game called A Dark Room.

If you haven't played it, do so now. it's on iThings and the PC version is free if you have a decent browser.


So, A Dark Room is a MOSTLY text based adventure but don't let that scare you! (Who am I kidding, I'm on Destructoid, I think I'm in good company) It starts off very simple and quickly becomes a crazy, intricate and intriguing adventure. 

It brought me back, I must say. 

I'm 30 years ripe and can't remember an age without videogames. One of my earliest memories is of sneaking downstairs at night when I was like 4 and seeing my dad playing Super Mario Bros. (I always loved how they abbreviated Bros) and literally jumping every time Mario did.

When we got our first computer we rocked COMPUSERVE! Take that, AOL! My brother used bulletin boards (before this crazy internet thing happened) to get us games (and porn)! My parents tried to lock him out and he hacked back in and locked them out. Good times.

But ADR reminded me of a time when graphics did not matter one iota. I remember when I was so scared of the first Doom, because I could hear the pink monster breathing around the corner. Now I can't feel scared playing it because of the doom super metal music playing at all times. METAL! DOOM!

And to continue ranting, does anybody remember that game where you were trapped in a control room and you had to guide this FMV chick through and enemy outpost, making sure to guide her and keep her from falling into steam pools or getting generally murdered? What was that game called... I loved that game.

oh, and Maddog McCree.


It's a great game, and not just for nostalgic reasons (A Dark Room, not Maddog McCree, which is a great game for much more evil reasons). Even my younger girlfriend got into it, eventually yelling at me for not wanting to give some wandering dude my furs. (He wanted 50! You don't need 50 furs to stay warm, you confidence trickster!)

So embrace the newness of oldness and give it a whirl! Til next time, I'm Kumasi the soundboy, saying "They'll Bury You in a Lunch Box!"

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