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My little slice of D-Toid

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PAX: It happened and I miss you already

Before I go into the splooging that will be going on in this blog, I want to give a shout out for all of you who didn't make it. As you venture through the C-Blogs and notice all of the PAX love, past and future, I want you...


It's almost PAX TIME!!!

Around this time last year I was getting ready for PAX. I was excited about going to Seattle and playing games before the game out to the general public. This year, however, is totally different. My excitement no longer ste...


Top 5 Reasons to go to PAX

5. Because the show it's the after party. Then after the party it's the hotel lobby. Then we light someone on fire. All of this has been known to occur. 4. You'll be jealous of all the fun that will be had. You don't want...


Street Fighter IV FightPad w/video

Being that I've always played a Street Fighter title with a D-pad, I decided to go out and buy the new Street Fighter IV Fightpad yesterday and I'm in love with it. I already knew that it would be amazing because I got the ...


Since it's Tyra Tuesday....

I wanted to express my undying love for her. I had a chubby for her ever since I first laid eyes on her when she was on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. So here's to Tyra Banks! Making Kryp stand to attention since 1993


I hugged Ari

Because he told me to hug it out bitch! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZvarRe-XVQ Since embedding is being a little bitch right now. Did get banned too???


People of PAX 08: I miss you

[video]114419:857[/video] sorry for the crappy quality, i had to compress the hell out of it so I could upload it I know it's early to be talking about PAX 2009 but there's already a thread for it and I can't help myself. Wh...


About Kryptiniteone of us since 1:07 PM on 03.12.2007

Name: Jermaine aka Kryptinite (yes I know it's spelled incorrectly)
Location: Orlando/Deltona, FL
Occupation: the internets and gaming.

I still live....

Movie & Game Collection:
Here are all the movies and games I own for the most part. Does not include SNES/NES/SEGA/Virtual Boy/N64

I like making videos, check some out here.


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