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Name: Jermaine aka Kryptinite (yes I know it's spelled incorrectly)
Location: Orlando/Deltona, FL
Occupation: the internets and gaming.

I still live....

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Here are all the movies and games I own for the most part. Does not include SNES/NES/SEGA/Virtual Boy/N64

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Face it: We gamers love our nostalgia trips. I think in order to truly call yourself a gamer (I'm leaving the hardcore talk out of it), that you need to know where games evolved from. The video game industry, like any other entertainment industry, has a back story worth learning and appreciating.

If you are a literature major or someone who really enjoys books, chances are you've read Catch 22, The Scarlett Letter, Animal Farm, or something of that nature. If you are a movie lover or enthusiast, someone assuming that you've seen Casa Blanca, The God Father, or ET isn't a far stretch of the imagination. Games, in this context, are no different. I'm sure we've all played Mario, Tetris, or even Pong just to name a few. Reminiscing on old games is just fun and something that automatically links us all together. Remember the first time you played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a child and got completely owned my Mecha-Turtle? Or the first time you completed Zelda?

These memories are what, in my opinion, shape and mold gamers into the enthusiast we are today. With all the adversity thrown our way from parents who just don't understand (yes, I went there), politicians trying to get a vote, or even dumbass news reporters who don't have a clue what they are talking about; I think it's good that we look at the positives that games have and go back on a trip down Memory Lane.

Sheís the owner of the store. Rocking the Wiimote on some Zelda

I recently, today in fact, stumbled across a shop managed and ran by a lady who is in her 40s completely filled with old school games. Complete with games from systems like the NES, Super NES, 32x, Sega, Game Gear, Dreamcast, Playstation, Atari, and even Sega CD. I took a few spy shots of the store. The lady who owned the store was really nice and was even playing Zelda for the Wii while I looked around. I asked her if she heard about the whole Mass Effect hoopla and she told me, ďYes I did hear about that. I canít believe that Fox ran that story without checking the facts. Just imagine all the ignorant parents who where watching. Iím really upset they didnít issue an apology and set the story straight.Ē I really wished more people like her were in a position of power; it would make the acceptance of games in the mainstream so much easier.

I hope you enjoy the pictures taking with my crappy cell phone and let's take this time to have a huge nostalgia orgy. I think we owe it to ourselves.

Is that Burai Fighter I see? OH and Burgertime????

Is that Burai Fighter I see? OH and Burgertime????

Sadly, I had two of these


Good old Game Genie. You did nothing for me when it came to TMNT

Damn I love this game

Do YOU know what game this is? I do.

Horrible, horrible Superman 64

What happened to you Game Gear? Oh, the Game Boy. I still donít understand that.

Iím buying that next week. Yes, you Mr. Super Game Boy.

Thatís a lot of SNES games.

Iím going to own like half of these by the end of the year.

Half of these I havenít seen since I was 7!

LOL. 32x. What was Sega thinking?

More NES games.

Vagrant Story. I still want to play that.

More PS1 games.

Thatís a lot of SNES games.

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