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Kryptinite avatar 8:57 AM on 07.17.2007
First! what i've learned from star wars

1. In order to be a bad ass, something fucked must happen to you while you were a kid.
* Anakin aka Darth Vader: Mom died as a kid, becomes a slave.
* Boba Fett: Dad gets beheaded by muthafuckin [url=" target="_blank]Sam Jackson.[/url]
* Luke Skywalker: Lives with his aunt and uncle so obviously mom and dad aren't in the picture. Obi told him that Vader killed his dad. (which is a fucking lie but whatever)

2. The more limbs you get cutoff, the more l33t you will become.

3. Falling in love with a female and being super jealous leads to the dark side, ultimately cementing your role as a bad ass. [url=" target="_blank](besides the crying like a little bitch...)[/url]

4. No matter what movie he's in, Harrison Ford will always be Indiana Jones. And I know, Indiana Jones came out after the first Star Wars. Don't give a shit.

5. George Lucas is a money hungry douche because he got talked into making the prequel movies. All he did was fuck up people's childhood. Way to go George, way to go.

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