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If someone already reviewed this game, I'm sorry but I want to share my excitement as well.

As I wait for my girlfriend to pick up Zack and Wiki, I decided that I wanted to spend some money. While playing Halo I decided it was time for me to buy a new Arcade game. I have XBLA automatically download the new releases so I can try them out and usually quickly delete them. That was not the case with E4. I played the demo for about an hour yesterday before I decided to buy it today and I'm glad I made this purchase.

Above you see a video of shit blowing up, colors all over the place, and general mayhem. Now at first glance you might decide this game is shallow and has no substance; my friend you couldn't be further from the truth.

On the surface, the game is basically a combination of you blowing yourself up and causing chain reactions to blow other things up to receive points. After the chain reaction you come back with a shield and are able to pick up four main power-ups:one makes your shield last longer to pick up more things, one gives you more seconds to your overall all time, one gives you small increments in multipliers that can reach all the way to a x100, and one gives you quicken (which I have no idea what it does but I pick it up anyways.)

That in itself sounds boring and you would quickly tired of it but there's another layer to the game. Like Lumines, the music plays a huge role in how you rack up points. You'll notice a meter that is bumping to the beat of the music. This meter gives you an extra multiplier if you can hit it the the peak of the beat, meaning when the arrows are all the reach the end of the meter. When you do this successfully you start with x2 and can go all the way up to a max of x5. If you miss the beat your multiplier goes away so the trick is to keep that timing up. (Do know that the beat does increase in speed). You can also lose the multiplier you have gained over the course of play by sucking at life, letting the time run off your shield, and getting hit by one of the various enemies you are trying to blow up.

This is where the fun lies. Once I got that part of the game down, I was able to rack up 5,540,032,797,752 points. I have no idea how many points that is nor the word associated with that number but I know it's a hell of a lot.

There's other modes including a timed mode, untimed mode, a mode that lets you sync your own library of music with the game (which if damn awesome), and a mode that you actually shoot stuff. I haven't played the shoot stuff mode but I'll get around to it. There's also multiplayer but like I said, haven't gotten to that yet.

All in all this game is extremely fun and can easily steal hours of your day if you let it. So what else do you want? Go buy the game already.

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