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First and foremost, this game is very addicting. At first I had no intentions on buying Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 but after playing the demo for 5 minutes I was instantly hooked. In the video, I did not speak on the multiplayer aspect of the game because I have yet to play it. There's a lot of people complaining that there is no online multiplayer but I am quite okay with that decision to leave it out.

The greatest addition to the game overall would have to be the implementation of the leaderboards. Each game type has its own leaderboard which shows the ranking of your friend list. Once you choose the game type you want to play, the person on your list with the next highest score will be displayed in the right hand corner always giving you something to shoot for. This may sound like a small change but if you're a competitive person like myself, this will keep you playing way beyond the 10 minutes you set aside for the game. A A...that's all it takes to get back into a new game.

So if you haven't done it already, pick this game up.

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