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2:47 PM on 09.04.2007

Achievement points: some people hate them, some people find them pointless, and people like me love them. I use to be that guy who played a game once, beat it, and proceed to turn it into GameStop for store credit. Ever since Iíve purchased my Xbox 360 back in December of 2005, I have not once turned in any title for the console and I donít plan on doing so.

With the implementation of gamerscores and achievement points, many ask what does it mean to beat a game now? Well to beat a game remains the same; once you have completed the single player story line and have seen the credits role, I believe you have successfully beat the game. Completing a game is another story and one that I believe plays to the success of this new phenomenon called Achievement Points. In essence, achievement points have changed the way I play games and the way I ultimately decide which console I will buy games for. If a game comes out for all 3 consoles, chances are Iím going to buy it for the 360. This really sets the 360 apart from the PS3 in a remarkable way.

As stated earlier, I love the whole notion of a gamerscore and achievement points. The fact that I can, at anytime, log onto or startup my Xbox 360 and see the progress I have made, the games I have beaten, and compare my achievements with the rest of world is amazing. I wish that Sony and Nintendo would have just flat out stole the idea and used it for their new consoles. I would love to see Zelda for the Wii with achievement points because I donít think Iím ever going to play that game again now that I have beaten it.

Does youíre achievement points do anything for you as far as gaming goes? Well besides the fact that I can say I have more points than someone else, no. But for me, achievement points arenít about anyone else. Itís more about me getting the most out of my games and for that, I thank you Achievement Points. Whoever thought of this over at Microsoft, you are a genius. Because of you Iím doing weird and crazy things in games that I never thought I would be doing.

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