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Name: Jermaine aka Kryptinite (yes I know it's spelled incorrectly)
Location: Orlando/Deltona, FL
Occupation: the internets and gaming.

I still live....

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Here are all the movies and games I own for the most part. Does not include SNES/NES/SEGA/Virtual Boy/N64

I like making videos, check some out here.

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3:45 PM on 11.08.2013

The Day of Reckoning is coming...

It is now well known that Nintendo will be showing off their next console this year at E3. There has been a lot of rumors and speculations swirling around the new device and no one really knows exactly what the device will be. Well I'm here to add a new rumor to the pile. What if the new Nintendo console has a slot for DS cartridges? Imagine playing your DS games on your big screen TV. Before you lose your mind and say there's no way this could happen, let me present you a few bits of information that may change your mind.

If we take a look at the past of Nintendo and their handheld devices, each iteration of the handheld had a way to play the games that accompanied the update on a TV screen. With the Game Boy, you could purchase a Super Game Boy adapter that plugged directly into your Super Nintendo. With the Game Boy Advanced you had the ability to add a device called the Game Boy Player to the bottom of your GameCube , which allowed Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games to be played on your TV. Up until now, we’ve really had no way to display DS games in this manner, mainly because of the way the DS works. There is not an elegant solution for playing these games on a different device that is not the DS because of the nature in which it was built. Not only are there two screens to worry about, one of them happens to be a touch screen that is used in various DS titles. So how do you play your DS games on your TV without out losing that functionality? You simply add a touch screen to the controller of your new console, of course.

If rumors are true and the new controller has a touch screen on it, this will allow our precious catalog of DS games to be displayed onto our wonderful LCD TVs without losing any functionality. With a huge catalog of games, this will get the "hardcore" gamers to run out and by the new device with no questions. We already have our HD consoles and all the motion controllers we can handle. We need something a little more gimmicky. Playing Pokemon is fun on the DSi but I think it would be a greater experience playing on my couch with a much bigger screen.

Now I'm not sure if this functionality would make more sense as an add-on for the new console or have it just be built into the system. For ease of use, I believe having it built in would make the most sense. Whatever they decide to do, Nintendo fans are going to lose their collective minds.

TL;DR Version: New Nintendo console with have the ability to play DS games.
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Yes, I lost my mind and bought the super retarded expensive edition of God of War 3. Don't follow my actions, it's not worth the monies. Enjoy the video my lovely community!

PAX East contest: Blacktoid from Kryptinite on Vimeo.

This is a combination of playing to many video games until 6 in the morning, Monster Energy drink, and being on a diet.

I have no idea what that has to do with anything but watch the video and let me know what you think. I can't tell if my original idea will come out through this "movie trailer" but I wanted it to seem like Mr. Destructoid was inside of me. Yeah I said it, inside of me.

The movie isn't due to premiere until the end of March but that debut all depends on the community. If I win, I promise to bring the funnies. Cheese and tater tots.

before - my first dinky HDTV

Hello one and all to Kryptinite's new and improved Game Room 2.0! As you can easily tell through the magic of photography I have made a few upgrades in life in the past year. I recently got married which meant I had to buy a house. Since I had to buy a house, I used this event to create my semi-ultimate game room. (since I got married, I wasn't allowed the stripper pole). I have not one but 2 game rooms. One for the old stuff and one for the new. The room with all the new consoles has a new 6.1 surround sound built into the ceiling of the room powered by a Sony Receiver of some sort. Today I also went out and purchased a Sony Bravia 40 in, 120Hz HDTV which is blowing my mind! There's probably other stuff but I need to get back to my TV.

Anyways, I was going to write some though provoking blah blah blah to go along with the pictures but let's face it, you wouldn't have read it anyways :). ENJOY MY SHIT BITCHES!!! And remember, if you eat your vegetables and go to school, you can be a bad ass mofo as well. Here's a link the the whole album: boom.

NOW! - Had to get a grown man TV.
TV link

Old School room

A few games in the Old School room

Everyone has that closet of useless boxes they will never get rid of. Here's mine.

A few of my 360 games

NEVER FORGET! I think I spent a total of 20 bucks for all of those. Maybe 30.

I don't know what that black thing is on top of my W...not finishing that sentence.

This is what I use my PS3 for. Mostly movies and a few games.

I love the Matrix if you couldn't tell

Surprisingly, they all still work.

Because I can, that's why!

Where Mac and PC live in harmony.

Here's a link the the whole album: boom.

Just food for thought. I was bored and this is what came out

This article is not calling people out or saying that people who deal with games on a daily basis lost that "night before Christmas" feeling, I genuinely want to know. This is a question that I've always wanted to ask someone who was in the industry. Everyone wants to do something for a living they love. I so happen to love video games and will one day make that love a career. But what happens when that dream becomes a reality? Will I get so use to swag coming into the house on a daily basis that I start to lose that joy of release dates? Will I be play so many horrible games that I won't want to play the ones that I really enjoy?

If your passion is still strong, how do you keep that fire lit? In my eyes, being able to see games months before they are released would be amazing. Then being able to share that amazing feeling with others would be a joy in itself. But would I be able to keep myself grounded and still have the same attitudes towards games as I do now?

Surely, I can't be the only one who looks at release dates for upcoming games with a sense of excitement. Take Modern Warfare 2 for example; I can not wait for that game to drop. I get the same feeling now as I did as a child the night before Christmas. You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get that keeps you up at night? If you have never experienced that, I can't really put it into words that would express that wonderful feeling. I'm just not sure if that feeling will still be there if I were to see games so early in its development.

This article is just me spewing things onto the screen that are just swimming around in my head. What are you thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Advice?