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5:57 AM on 08.16.2008

A day in the life of an indie developer: Part 4

Firstly, apologies for the late update, I've been a little busy as of late (and also started playing TF2 again, I really don't know why I stopped), anyway, since last time, some stuff has happened. Namely I went for my interview and successfully got my job as a Programmer. I'm working on Spectrum Space (working title), the 3D Asteroids/Geometry Wars thing :P.

While the design team in the group are working on the design document, and various concept arts (which the modellers have begun to model), I was given a simple model of a space ship and tasked to make it move around in 3D space. So that's basically all the game is at the moment, a 3rd Person camera, following a ship around controlled by mouse and keyboard (the mouse half needs tweaking, but it's good enough for now).

I'd take time to explain the game, but since I'm not exactly sure, I won't be able to do that until the design document is completed, mid-next week, hopefully I'll be able to get some pretty concept art as well so you can see the sort of talent I'm working with (Some of the art is really really good, particularly a coloured version of one of the enemy ships).

So at this stage, we're sort of finalising the ideas, and getting very basic prototypes done in the engine, whilst creating art assets. We're meant to be having team meetings every 2nd day, to assign work, catch up on what people have done and discuss various topics which might need discussing.

I suspect my next post might talk a little bit more about the design document and what's involved in that.   read

12:30 AM on 08.06.2008

A day in the life of an indie developer: Part 3

This is probably going to be a relatively short post today, since I actually have very little to report on.

Our resumes were required to be submitted on monday, with times for the interviews to be posted on tuesday, with interviews starting and finishing today (wednesday). Everyone ended up submitting their resumes on monday, only to find out late tuesday afternoon, that interviews were going to have to be delayed a week.

This is both a good and bad thing, good because it gives me more time to prepare some more work for me to show in the interview. Bad because it delays development by a week.

I do however plan on working with the engine to see if I can produce something cool enough to show you people (and my interviewer(s)).   read

7:06 AM on 07.31.2008

A day in the life of an indie developer: Part 2

So yesterday was pitch day, and since we weren't allowed to watch the pitches, I can't really say much of what happened. The three big ideas from our side of the group (G1, the other group is G4) didn't get approved, they were apparently too ambitious for the timeframe we have. Instead, we have two smaller ideas which are going to go under redesign once the project groups are formed.

One of which was originally pitched as a Pirate style kart racer, which personally, doesn't overly interest me as a kart racer, but if redesigned into maybe a stylised sea battle, or racing through things like the levels of Overboard!, a game which now seems largely forgotten by the internet. The other which got through from our group was a 3D Geometry Wars style game (at least as I understand it), which also requires redesigning, but from what I understood of it, it seemed to be largely undefined.

There were two games to go through from the other group, however, I only know of one of them, which sounds like a really cool concept. "Portal meets Half-life" was how it was first described to me, the combination intrigued me, so I enquired after more. Turns out, they plan for 'Electro Magnetism' to be sort of a puzzle adventure game, where the main game mechanic is a gun which is able to pull the player towards a surface, ala magnets (or at least that's how I understood it). Very promising idea indeed, however, I believe they were asked to scale it down to a 2D game, but still promising.

Next week are the interviews and then the work begins, so the next post will probably be around the same time as this one.

In a sort of post script, I've got a base design for the website I'm working on shifting this blog to (don't worry, I'll probably still post this here too.), so you can check that out just here :P

Critique is welcome, I'm open to ideas here.   read

2:37 AM on 07.28.2008

A day in the life of an indie developer: Part 1 of many

Ok, so the title lies a bit, I'm not really an indie developer, I mean, yeah, I'm a programmer (to an extent) and yeah, I do 'work' for an unsigned developer, but we're just a bunch of students working on a project so we can pass the semester. Hell, technically I'm not even a programmer yet, I'm just one of the guys people turn to when they want to know if something is achievable within the engine.

But enough technicalities, that's not why I started this, I actually started this because I haven't sorted out my own website yet (that's coded, designed and hosted somewhere), but wanted to get my thoughts out early so I don't lose them later on.

Here's a quick run down on what's going to happen over the next 5 or 6 months at my learning institution of choice:

-This coming Wednesday, about 4 or 5 groups, consisting of 4 people or less (I'm technically not in a group, didn't attend the first day this semester) are going to pitch their games. All in all, there's some very achievable ideas in there, a futuristic racer in the vein of Wipeout and F-Zero, a gore filled 3rd person survival game where the player is a viking, a fighting game based on tae-kwon do tournament rules and a few other small projects (including the cool idea of something like GeoWars, but in a 3d space). None of us know which projects are going to be picked or how many are going to be picked. We have a rough idea of what they're looking for however.

-The Wednesday following that, we're all required to apply for jobs/positions within the projects which have been picked. This process involves all the usual job application stuff; a letter of application, a resume and an interview - it also requires us to dress nicely for the occasion, a change from my usual band shirts and jeans. At this stage, for me to get anywhere, I need to apply for a position doing some sort of coding, given that my skills in other areas are weak.

-After that, they've set us various checkpoints for us to have basic gameplay elements completed by.

-Our work eventually gets assessed sometime, then we're given time to polish it up before we submit a gameplay video (I think) to the panel of judges who are deciding the best unsigned indie game at this year's Game Connect: Asia Pacific, they'll end up nailing it down to the four best who will get to demo their games at the conference, which is a goal we're all chasing after.

-After that, who knows, I sure as hell don't.

So, we essentially have 18 weeks all up, to design, implement and 'publish' a game, with a working prototype finished by week 8, and we all still don't know what we're going to do yet. I'll probably update with another post after wednesday or maybe thursday (when we find out what was selected). It's not going to be easy, but it will be fun, stressful, antagonising etc. etc. (so basically like helping a friend move, like I did on the weekend). So until my next post <insert some sort of informal goodbye here>.   read

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