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1:18 PM on 06.09.2009

Hi-Rez Studios Developing "Spy-Fi" MMOFPS, Hates Elves

Global Agenda is a spy-fi MMOFPS currently in development by Georgia based developer Hi-Rez studios. Yes, "spy-fi" not "sci-fi", so whats that? A quick wikipedia search reveals spy-fi to be a spy story told in a science fiction setting, death rays, cloaking devices, jetpacks etc. The game will take place in a near future earth where a world war 3 scenario has turned the majority of the planet into a inhospitable wasteland. Various factions called "agencies" (GA's version of guilds) vie for control of territory and resources to advance their "global agenda". These agencies also compete with the Commonwealth, an Orwellian style regime that acts as the antagonist in PvE missions.

The game mixes third person shooter combat with elements commonly found in traditional MMOs. Item drops, leveling, social spaces, and 4 character classes are all to be found. The classes are standard fare, The heavily armed and armored Assault, the sniper/cloaker/all-around sneaky dude Recon, the Medic who can heal or use poisons, and the Robotic who builds defensive structures like force fields and turrets, and has a host of robotic pets to call upon.

While there is some PvE in the game, the main focus is Agency vs. Agency territory control. The agencies fight to control different areas of a hex map to expand their agencies power during 45 day seasons, once the season is over a winner is declared and the map resets. When you want to attack a hex you would get a raiding party together (much like other MMOs ) and attempt an attack. Your group is split into squads of about 10 or so and each squad is sent to a different instance. These instances are linked together and victory by one squad will help the others, for example if one squad takes out a generator in their instance it would take out the defensive turrets on the other maps.

Global Agenda is currently in alpha testing, with a closed beta coming sometime this summer, and a release later in the year.

Also Hi-Rez seems to hate elves for some reason...

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