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Krow's blog

11:56 PM on 05.06.2011

Reintroducing myself to the community with a lot of words and pictures

Hello Destructoid. Do you remember me? It's alright if you don't, it's been nearly a year since my last post, and I haven't been very active in the community. Still, hello all the same. I'm writing this blog as an introductio...   read

6:41 AM on 08.01.2010

darunk blag

hey gutys i vehangebety bloged in in a while so i thought i woaudlgh blog now i hope you enjoy my ablgo im so sosrrhyay   read

5:14 PM on 04.29.2010

A matter of perspective: How Final Fantasy IX gets it right

[SPOILER WARNING: If you've yet to play Final Fantasy IX I have to caution you on a couple of spoilers. It's nothing major, but they are mentioned, and one of the key points I make details a spoiler that takes place near th...   read

7:44 AM on 02.03.2010

Destructoid's 2010 Completed Games List: January Update

Good morning community. For those of you not aware, Destructoid has a forum. Within that forum is a thread, a thread where the Destructoid community routinely posts the games they've completed as they complete them. Then, it'...   read

2:03 PM on 12.05.2009

An open letter to the Destructoid staff and community, or something

Earlier today I made a comment on the final post in Destructoid's "50 best games of the decade" feature. It dawned on me that the message I had intended for the editor's, and subsequently Destructoid on a whole to see, might ...   read

7:01 PM on 11.10.2009

Celebrating the anniversary of Majora's Mask with a lot of love

Majora's Mask is as simple a game as it is a complex one. As heartwarming a game as it is soul crushing. In all my years as a player, I have yet to encounter another experience in media that affects me as deeply as Majora's M...   read

9:28 PM on 11.09.2009

ChristianGamer's Psyche

Wii Sucks is a lie too. I, I think that people only fondly remember WiiSucks because thatís a popular thing to do, like loving Banj. Thatís a Cblog thing. Woah, Iíve never been up here. Thatís the thing I like about Madworld,...   read

10:02 PM on 10.16.2009


Please, under no circumstances should any of you attempt what I have done in this video.   read

9:38 PM on 10.01.2009

RunMan: Race Around the World is out; what the hell are you waiting for?

You hear me, Internet? What the hell are you waiting for? Why are you reading this? Why aren't you downloading RunMan: Race Around the World instead? While I'm of the opinion that the above video should be all of the proof ...   read

2:12 PM on 09.25.2009

My thoughts on Final Fantasy VI

This blog has been a long time coming. Fresh off of completing Final Fantasy VI on the SNES, III if you're one of those people, I assumed that the denizens of Destructoid would like to know what I thought of the experience....   read

3:00 PM on 09.20.2009

Chronotorious explored; pictures and a mini review

Welcome, welcome! After hearing that the Chronotorious album by The Bad Dudes was receiving a limited run of 1,000 copies made, I rushed to make a purchase. I had such confidence in the people behind this project that I didn'...   read

1:46 PM on 09.08.2009

The Music Game Volume #1: Final Fantasy X

Welcome to The Music Game, my rather uncreatively titled once a week segment on memorable games music. Requests for what games you'd like to see my tackle next are welcome in the comments below, any request will be added to m...   read

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