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Kristina Pino avatar 9:53 AM on 08.16.2010  (server time)
Grinding IRL.

Changes can be good sometimes. I've gone from being a total loser bum with no job or much of anything to do, to part time job + internship (maybe even 2 internships) and exericising again. With all the time I have now (opposed to sleeping in every morning) I have been 1000% more productive in the past 2 weeks than I have in months. It's been weird to get used to a new sleeping schedule (I've had to nap often) and I spent a week or so walking around like (or not walking, wobbling) like I was crippled due to lack of exercise for the past year and a half, then suddenly going back to intense workouts.

I've finally gotten into a comfortable swing. Weekday mornings I work, hang out with the bf and have lunch (or have lunch with my brothers), internship in the afternoon (some days) or work on my own writing and photog stuff, exercise in the evening, then whatever. Games, hanging out with friends, movie, etc. I've been less cranky now that I got used to it. I'm actually happy, because I feel like I'm getting closer to my real career path (at least I hope it's my path) and becoming pro journalist.

A wild schedule change appears. The boyfriend is starting school again next week, so now I have more time (again). When I first started working, I had -too much- time. Now I don't have enough hours in the day. Come next week, I think I'll be back in a balance where I'll have more spare time, but it kindof sucks, y'know? I like spending time with him when I've got it. Usally it's his schedule that we work around, now we'll both be busy.

This is good news for you folks, though, because it means I'll have more time for games. I'd been holding off on c-blogging for a bit in hopes my next post would be when I finished Sands of Time. Naturally, when I only have about an hour or so left in the game is when I can't find any time to finish it. Speaking of games, I also played some of Scott Pilgrim vs the World. My boyfriend downloaded it the night it came out and we played for a few hours. So much fun! I agree with everyone who keeps saying there should be online co-op. A friend of his also lent me the comics, so eventually I'll get to reading it, too.

When I mentioned earlier a possible second internship; this application is what's taken my time from gaming, aside from my usual laziness. I've applied for a writing intern position and I'm undergoing the second phase of the whole process now. Tomorrow night I have to turn in some articles, and then I get to wait a while until I find out if I'm hired or not. Wish me luck?

Anyway, my next post will be less about IRL and more about games. I promise. :)

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