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4:12 PM on 08.18.2010 // Kristina Pino
Diary of the Casual Girl Gamer: Achievement Unlocked!

After 3 months, I finally finished playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (and the crowd goes wild)! I know it’s only about a 10 hour game, but it definitely feels nice to finally be through with it when I haven’t really dedicated much time to games like I used to (until recently). I will probably have more time in the coming months to play more, so hopefully it won’t take me a year to play through Batman, which is next on my play list.

I played Sands of Time on PS2 (borrowed it from my boyfriend), and I must say, it holds up really well. The only real complaint I would have is the choppy soundtrack; because it really is a beautiful score if you’ve ever listened to it, but it seems like maybe trying to load the game all on a single disc limited what they could do with the music. If it’d been a 2-disc game instead, it would have been that much better, even with having to deal with a disc change.

Also, a lot of people (I’ve heard) complain about how the hardest battle is towards the beginning, rather than the end. I didn’t have a problem with this, because even though the battles weren’t terribly difficult as the game wore on, the puzzles and stages got progressively more complicated. I think the difficulty level is fine as it is.

The graphics themselves were satisfactory, and I experienced no lag or mishaps in general. The only time I got any sort of glitching in the game was towards the end when one of the monsters got stuck in a wall. I don’t know if this was done on purpose as a counter to possible glitching or if it was a happy coincidence, but most of the enemies in this game teleport to you as you approach them or try to run away from them. So, the glitch was a non-issue when I just walked away far enough that the dude would port to me.

I always have a love-hate relationship with the princess characters in these Prince of Persia games, because they usually land my “bane of my existence” list by the middle of the game. Once you get past the tsundere factor, though, I think they’re really cute. I also like that Sands is narrated, so it does play like a story, complimented by the lack of EXP, currency, etc. Just plain story. The Prince can be a bit of a whiny bitch, but it’s still all good to me.

What I liked most though. is although the game basically guides you through everything (tells you what to do, where to go), it is still a challenge. Some of the puzzles are not as difficult as they seem, or vice-versa, so it really made the game much more exciting for me. This is definitely going to stay up in my top list of games. The one drawback of putting in the effort of playing this game now is that when I was already like 80% through, I find out PSN is going to be putting out a new copy. I definitely had one of those “FML” moments, but when I thought about it again…I would have probably played the original at some point, anyhow. I’m probably better off having played it first either way (that way I can really appreciate the new one whenever I do get to it).

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