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Kristina Pino avatar 8:06 AM on 08.31.2010  (server time)
DCGG: Moving on (short post)

As a quick note, that DCGG is a shortened version of my series title "Diary of the Casual Girl Gamer". It looks nicer than typing out the entire thing, and the series will change soon - I'll explain why.

So I finally got around to starting Batman: Arkham Asylum, now that I've got the time. Currently, I've had two sit-downs with it and I'm about 5% through. I've already realized very quickly that the game has a hell of a lot of content! This makes me happy...because if I want to take a break from the story for a while, I've got plenty of Riddler challenges, or outside of the story-mode itself I can actually play challenge mode or look at trophes and achievements. The controls are good in my book, too. Actually, speaking of achievements, I should look at the list so I don't miss out on any (might help!). Really, I like to play RPGs as completely as possible and unlock everything. Also, I kinda like being able to switch on the 3D when I'm feeling like quite the cool kid.

As I thought I might, I've found myself with more time on my hands. It isn't just my boyfriend, but most of my friends have gotten busy with school back in and still keeping jobs; so the time I previously allocated to getting out of the house is now being used to go out and shoot pictures and whatnot, or I write stuff on Tomopop. I found out I have another week or so to wait for the respose on movie blogger, and I got hired to update a local photog's blog for compensation (for the win!). Eventually, I would like to put up my own site with my work and pro/personal blog (meaning, I'll be looking for help soon from someone who can write php!! Cause I really stink at that...). In the meanwhile, I spend my free time watching movies or now sitting down and playing me some Batman.

/end excited post!

p.s. Since I'm phasing further away from 'casual' status with the amount of time I spend gaming, this series will go on break to make way for a newer set in my Gamer Diary. As such, I am accepting ideas for the new series' name! Please comment with your idea if you've got one. Rather than titling all my posts with the new name, I am also heavily considering the title as a header for my blog here. I am preparing artwork for it, but yeah. Feedback greatly appreciated~

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