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Kristina Pino's blog

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Kristina Pino avatar 1:57 PM on 08.02.2010  (server time)
A Belated Intro of the one and only me.

So this isnít my first post, but I quickly found out that introducing myself properly is more important than I initially thought. I am here as living proof that spontaneous combustion will not occur if you post a story on DToid without writing this post first. I am also here to say that hurr hurr I know that the world of video games is 80% ripoffs and 10% decent games (it's upto you to decide where that other 10% went). 'Cause lawd knows I haven't been playing video games since Turok was on a floppy disc (Oh yes, I played that. On a floppy.).

Now, teh real introduction: (the long version)

As I have listed in my bio, my name is Kristina and I live in Miami. I like to play games, mostly RPG and puzzle game style, and lately Iíve been more of a casual gamer. I donít really limit the sort of games I play, because I do enjoy FPS like Borderlands and Left4Dead2. I also sometimes enjoy random time-wasters like Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook (but that's about the limit with facebook games).

When I measure a gameís worth, I consider all aspects [such as cost (vs time) efficiency being very important, animation, soundtracks, storyline, player interaction (if itís multi-player/MMO)]. Naturally, I think that paying $60 for a game that can be beaten in 1 day is a waste of money. Itíll take a lot of convincing to get me to ever shell out more than $5-10 for a short game. Either that, or itíll have to be a Monkey Island game. Iíve been playing those since the 90s and I was lucky enough to catch the 2-for-1 special on Steam recently; Both Special Editions (for Monkey Island 1 and 2) for $9.99. That was a steal.

I donít have too many games (anymore) in general because I usually wait for sales. Iím not an impulse buyer. At all. I also hang out with enough people that play games that I can usually borrow what I want to play, rent it or pitch in with a few folks to just buy 1 copy between any number of us. I didnít get a PS3 until this past Christmas (2009), and for nearly half a year the only game I played on it was LittleBigPlanet (also, I canít wait for LBP2!). My boyfriend gave me Batman: Arkham Asylum (Game of the Year edition) for my birthday (Which was in June), so Iíll be playing that really soon, after Iím through playing Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (which he lent me after we saw the movie).

Batman is my absolute favorite superhero, never forget that. Another factoid: I make superheroes fabulous. One of my hobbies is to prettyfy superhero t-shirts. Another one of my hobbies is to collect non-import local-brew beer bottles whenever I travel. Disney pins make me happy (yeah, Iím a Disney whore). I like to paint and read, and my most time-consuming hobby (hopefully soon-to-be job > eventually professional occupation) is photography. I also work for 2 professional photographers in Miami, aside from my morning part-time job.

Besides all that, I like to write and share my experiences with others. My ultimate goal is to be a travel journalist, but I have to start somewhere, right? I applied for that internship for Modern Methodís upcoming website for movie reviews, and blog in several places for now. One of the blogs Iím a part of is FemmeGamer. All the things Iím referencing in this post will be added to my bio via links, btw.

Last, but not least, how I got around to Dtoid to begin with! My boyfriend writes for the other 2 sites, Japanator and Tomopop, so for the past half a year Iíve been getting more and more involved with the online gaming/figure community and keeping up to date with new stuff. Some of our friends also have writing experience with other sites or local papers, so Iíve lumped myself with a good crowd to grow in the field of journalism. Iíll be updating my blog on this site as often as every week if I can find enough to talk about.

A lot of my posts will be headed with ďDiary of a Casual Girl GamerĒ. Whenever you see that, youíll know itís me. Unless someone else decides to be a biter. But I think itíll be me. Iím excited to write here and be a part of the Dtoid community, and I hope that my posts will bring some enjoyment to your day, at least for a few minutes. And as a disclaimer Iím not the biggest technical maniac about all the games I play. I donít really care about the best gear and the best weapon and the most DPS in most games I play casually, because in the end it doesnít really matter when all you want is to enjoy yourself. The only game I know that much about is Final Fantasy XI, an MMO Iíve been playing since 2004. I have nothing to say here about that subject, but I already plan to make a post about it in the future. I like to play Final Fantasy games, and Iíll tell you why I still play the MMO when you see the post: "Diary of a Casual Gamer Girl: A Rabid Final Fantasy Addiction" (Or something like that. Maybe that title is too long. Actually, I still refuse to play FFXIII.). Iím also testing the new game, and have very high hopes for it.

tl;dr : My name is Kristina, and I like to write stuff, and take pictures. It's nice to meet you all, and I'm happy to join the DToid community. I also play games. And I love my boyfriend. The end. <3

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