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Kristi78968 avatar 5:47 AM on 04.07.2012  (server time)
Quickie: Game Dev Story

Platforms: Android [Being Reviewed on], iOS

I figured since I couldn't come up with anything else, I would review a mobile game. As you can tell, the game I'm reviewing is, Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. I'm hoping I can make this quick so I can think of more things to post.

You start off naming your company/game studio and your company is in a little building holding only 4 employees. Your job is to make a best-selling game and hopefully getting the Grand Prize in the Global Game Awards before 15 game years are up. Now, you the game doesn't end but the main story does. Once 15 years are up, you can continue but it won't count towards your score. As you rank up in the industry, you can get more ways to get employees and move into different buildings. You also get different ways to make your employees do better at what they do. There are different employees going from the regular coder, artist and writer to a console developer but that's for you to figure how to get. The music is good, there are one track for each building you move in, the convention music and the Global Game Awards music. The game is very addictive at first trying to find out what genres go with what type. Depending on that, your game can come out bad or amazing. However, the game after the first playthrough gets a tad bit boring. You can go back to the game to beat your high score and get the grand prize if you haven't in your first playthrough. I believe this is the first game Kairosoft has released to the United States and they did pretty well with it, though, they could fix up some things about multiple playthroughs. One more problem I had was that the genres and types do not import to your next playthrough. Overall, this game is only $2.50 on Android and its $3.99 on the iOS and it does have enough gameplay for you to get a bang for your buck.

Gave Dev Story Android Store: (I refuse to call it Play Store!)

Game Dev Story App Store:

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