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Kristi78968 avatar 1:18 AM on 03.31.2012  (server time)
Princess Debut Thoughts

Yeah, I know, weird game to give thoughts on, right? But, alas, I love Natsume's stuff so I must do this!

The game starts off with you picking a name for the girl you're playing as and picking the sign for her. I don't really know what the sign does, I guess it gives you better love-doovey stuff with certain boys. Anyways, you're talking to your best Catherine and no, not the one from the game Catherine by Atlus, she's a blue haired girl. You two are talking about boys because you know, otome games need to have this! You talk about some of the boys like Victor, Carlos, Leon, Lucas and Kyle. You talk about their' personality and all that stuff. Anyways, you go home and you get the first option which is open your closet or... transform? You open you closet either way and a damn princess flies out of it with a sidekick mouse, SO FABULOUS! I wonder how her mother or father never noticed that her closet is magical when they bought it.

The mouse's name is Kip while the princess happens to be named the same name as the main girl. The princess tells you that there is a annual dance party at her kingdom called the "Ball in Saint-Lyon." She's really bad at dancing and makes you switch with her until the dance party is over since you two look alike. You jump into the portal with Kip while the princess stays in your room and I'm wondering how she's even able to be a normal girl since she's a princess and a princess always talks about their riches and how many shoes they have etc.

Now, you finally get stats in the game! You have your character icon with the level and experince and stamina which represents in form of a cake. Then, you have a stat which is "looking for a partner" which is basically, you're trying to find a partner for the dance. Anyways, that's all I can explain of the plot at this point since I'm most going to spoil some things

Now, I like the boys in the game because they reflect the boys in your world which I mentioned before. Their personalities and looks too! The story is decent, however, it just leaves me a few questions like how a bunny can dance, and yes, I'm not making that up. A bunny is your instructor is the game. The music is good since this is a dancing game and you need good music for a dancing game or else you'll be dancing to a bunch of crap. Speaking of dancing, the dancing in the game is sometimes hard to do, at least for me. The only two ways I've found to get the boys to like you is for you to dance good with them and pick the right choices when talking to them. The graphics on the other hand when you're dancing...they just seem really weird. I can't expect much of a DS title but there are better looking games out there. Plus, with the stamina, sometimes when you level up, you get stamina but that stamina you just got is wasted up! How stupid is that? Its like getting a extra piece of candy when you can't eat it! Now, you had to rest then you can use that extra stamina the next day. That just got me angry sometimes that I can't do another action that day.

Overall, I like Princess Debut. Sure, it seems childish and not for my age group, but otome games is one of my favorite unofficial genres right now. It fills up my time when I'm bored since come on, I can do so much on a weekend filled with projects. This is my first thought blog post on this site, so, don't expect much out of it. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :)

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