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Kristi78968 avatar 10:02 PM on 04.02.2012  (server time)
Dreaming: MLB Power Pros after 2008

I find this to be a perfect time to talk about this since baseball starts this month, MLB Power Pros was by far the best baseball game I ever played without a doubt. When I was little, I thought Mario Baseball was good until I played the first MLB Power Pros game on the Wii. After MLB Power Pros 2008. I kept waiting for the next one until it became 2010 only to find out, 2K Sports will not help publish it anymore since they found their other games to be better.

I kept seeing trailers and gameplay of the ones after 2008 and my kept saying, "I REALLY WANT THIS!" Sadly, we never did but we fans did get a replace from Konami that I can't quite remember the name but for graphics, their heads were bobble heads. I could accept that but not the reason why they can't publish it
without 2K Sports.

The story/success mode of playing as a student from college from the first game to one in the AA making it to the Major League. During that, you try to get girls, not to fail tests (first game only) and dramatic stuff happens to your team. Then you have season mode which you play as an already MLB team like the Red Soxs or making your own team and pick the players through draft and you can even pick your characters from success mode if you finished it with them. There was also MLB life in 2008 which you play as an already MLB player or again, one of your characters from success. You play their life, and even get them a girlfriend, marry them and have children. You also have the option of hanging out with your teammates while trying to keep the managers of your team happy by doing good in games. Not only that but, if you make it big, you can be in events and you can also donate money to charity and you do get something out of it. Then you have, exhibition mode which is you playing against your friends. There were a few other options but I can't name them all.

My dream, well, one of them, is to hopefully get these games published again.

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