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Kristi78968 avatar 3:28 AM on 04.02.2012
Disappointment: Shepard's Crossing [Playstation 2]

The unknown farmer, Shepard's Crossing. I love farmer games like Harvest Moon and even Rune Factory has farmer elements. When I saw this at Wal Mart for $19.99 brand new, I was so excited to play! Sadly, my expectations were let down by a boring game.

The game barely explains what to even do. What's the concept? You trade animals or items to get even more animals or items! Exciting, isn't it?! I just kept skipping time in this game since you're allowed to. I kept asking myself "When is this going to get exciting?" I looked at the book and saw a combat system with the dogs you collect. That's what got me a bit excited yet, I never got that. I got a statue of a damn dog and I did get a dog eventually but, I never got an encounter with enemies like the game promised. It's like leaving a voice mail to a person but never getting called back but still waiting next to the phone for hope.

My only favorite thing about this game was the duck, yes, a damn duck. Why? Because, the duck was a talking duck and it had a hat AND it had a wine bottle on its back.

That's all I have to say, what a disappointment.

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