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Kara, Quantic Dream's next possible game. The only reason I say this is because they don't know what to do with this game. Here's the trailer for the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0KTUysrwgQ This game seems very...


Quickie: Game Dev Story

Platforms: Android [Being Reviewed on], iOS I figured since I couldn't come up with anything else, I would review a mobile game. As you can tell, the game I'm reviewing is, Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. I'm hoping I can make...


Dreaming: MLB Power Pros after 2008

I find this to be a perfect time to talk about this since baseball starts this month, MLB Power Pros was by far the best baseball game I ever played without a doubt. When I was little, I thought Mario Baseball was good un...


Elebits Thoughts

One of the wii's launch titles, Elebits. I've played up to level 23 BUT, quit before finishing it. Why? I'll tell you in a minute This game has cute graphics which fits kids. It was good for the beginning of the Wii's debu...


Princess Debut Thoughts

Yeah, I know, weird game to give thoughts on, right? But, alas, I love Natsume's stuff so I must do this! The game starts off with you picking a name for the girl you're playing as and picking the sign for her. I don't re...


Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! My name is Kristi and I'm probably going to be bad at this since I'm not very good at introducing myself. Anyways, I watch anime with my favorite one being The World Only God Knows at the moment. My favorite g...


About Kristi78968one of us since 9:03 PM on 03.28.2012

Oh hey there! Yeah, you, reading this About Me part. The name is Kristi! I love gaming and writing for my own blog (let it be on wordpress or on here.)

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