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10:03 AM on 04.07.2012


Kara, Quantic Dream's next possible game. The only reason I say this is because they don't know what to do with this game.

Here's the trailer for the game.

This game seems very interesting and its something very different, that's what we always get from Quantic Dreams. Now, I would like a response from you all, if you were Kara, how would you feel during this situation? You can only answer if you watched the trailer.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.   read

5:47 AM on 04.07.2012

Quickie: Game Dev Story

Platforms: Android [Being Reviewed on], iOS

I figured since I couldn't come up with anything else, I would review a mobile game. As you can tell, the game I'm reviewing is, Game Dev Story by Kairosoft. I'm hoping I can make this quick so I can think of more things to post.

You start off naming your company/game studio and your company is in a little building holding only 4 employees. Your job is to make a best-selling game and hopefully getting the Grand Prize in the Global Game Awards before 15 game years are up. Now, you the game doesn't end but the main story does. Once 15 years are up, you can continue but it won't count towards your score. As you rank up in the industry, you can get more ways to get employees and move into different buildings. You also get different ways to make your employees do better at what they do. There are different employees going from the regular coder, artist and writer to a console developer but that's for you to figure how to get. The music is good, there are one track for each building you move in, the convention music and the Global Game Awards music. The game is very addictive at first trying to find out what genres go with what type. Depending on that, your game can come out bad or amazing. However, the game after the first playthrough gets a tad bit boring. You can go back to the game to beat your high score and get the grand prize if you haven't in your first playthrough. I believe this is the first game Kairosoft has released to the United States and they did pretty well with it, though, they could fix up some things about multiple playthroughs. One more problem I had was that the genres and types do not import to your next playthrough. Overall, this game is only $2.50 on Android and its $3.99 on the iOS and it does have enough gameplay for you to get a bang for your buck.

Gave Dev Story Android Store: (I refuse to call it Play Store!)

Game Dev Story App Store:   read

10:02 PM on 04.02.2012

Dreaming: MLB Power Pros after 2008

I find this to be a perfect time to talk about this since baseball starts this month, MLB Power Pros was by far the best baseball game I ever played without a doubt. When I was little, I thought Mario Baseball was good until I played the first MLB Power Pros game on the Wii. After MLB Power Pros 2008. I kept waiting for the next one until it became 2010 only to find out, 2K Sports will not help publish it anymore since they found their other games to be better.

I kept seeing trailers and gameplay of the ones after 2008 and my kept saying, "I REALLY WANT THIS!" Sadly, we never did but we fans did get a replace from Konami that I can't quite remember the name but for graphics, their heads were bobble heads. I could accept that but not the reason why they can't publish it
without 2K Sports.

The story/success mode of playing as a student from college from the first game to one in the AA making it to the Major League. During that, you try to get girls, not to fail tests (first game only) and dramatic stuff happens to your team. Then you have season mode which you play as an already MLB team like the Red Soxs or making your own team and pick the players through draft and you can even pick your characters from success mode if you finished it with them. There was also MLB life in 2008 which you play as an already MLB player or again, one of your characters from success. You play their life, and even get them a girlfriend, marry them and have children. You also have the option of hanging out with your teammates while trying to keep the managers of your team happy by doing good in games. Not only that but, if you make it big, you can be in events and you can also donate money to charity and you do get something out of it. Then you have, exhibition mode which is you playing against your friends. There were a few other options but I can't name them all.

My dream, well, one of them, is to hopefully get these games published again.   read

3:28 AM on 04.02.2012

Disappointment: Shepard's Crossing [Playstation 2]

The unknown farmer, Shepard's Crossing. I love farmer games like Harvest Moon and even Rune Factory has farmer elements. When I saw this at Wal Mart for $19.99 brand new, I was so excited to play! Sadly, my expectations were let down by a boring game.

The game barely explains what to even do. What's the concept? You trade animals or items to get even more animals or items! Exciting, isn't it?! I just kept skipping time in this game since you're allowed to. I kept asking myself "When is this going to get exciting?" I looked at the book and saw a combat system with the dogs you collect. That's what got me a bit excited yet, I never got that. I got a statue of a damn dog and I did get a dog eventually but, I never got an encounter with enemies like the game promised. It's like leaving a voice mail to a person but never getting called back but still waiting next to the phone for hope.

My only favorite thing about this game was the duck, yes, a damn duck. Why? Because, the duck was a talking duck and it had a hat AND it had a wine bottle on its back.

That's all I have to say, what a disappointment.   read

1:13 AM on 04.02.2012

Elebits Thoughts

One of the wii's launch titles, Elebits. I've played up to level 23 BUT, quit before finishing it. Why? I'll tell you in a minute

This game has cute graphics which fits kids. It was good for the beginning of the Wii's debut. Not many lunch titles were that good, but Elebits, they were pretty good. The story, eh, it made sense. A kid named Kai wants to get rid of elebits though his parents love them and spend time studying them more than with him. Kid, admit defeat. Your parents don't love you anymore. The story made sense, so, its okay. The gameplay is decent. You go around in different areas to capture a certain amount of electricity to complete the level. The only way to get electricity is to collect elebits. Each elebit gives you a different amount of electricity. However, after a few levels, you face a boss.Some bosses are difficult since this game gets REALLY HARD later on and I'm not kidding you. One boss and I believe this is the first boss, divided into little forms and you must get them all before they reform back. One more thing to name is, there were power ups to the game. My favorite being the vacuum since its easy to gather elebits up. Maybe the best one for certain stages is the sound one. The sound one basically makes the elebits deaf for a small period of time so you can catch them easier. Not only that, but there are elebits with spikes on their backs who will attack you if you try to capture them. If you get hit with them too many times, you gun will stop working and game over. These elebits can be summoned by making a huge mess in a stage or they are put there automatically. Before I forget this, there are also different mdoes and the coolest one if the extras. In there you can look at all the elebits you've captured including the bosses, it gives you bios on them and a close-up, TOO CUTE!

The people who voiced acted this, is just bad. Watch this video and you'll get an example of what I mean.

Yeah, its not the best out there. Plus, Kai sounds like the voice actor who voice acts Tails. Basically, Kai sounds like a damn girl! Anyways, another bad thing is the difficulty. This game gets difficult quick and that's what made me quit this game. Plus, the controls wouldn't work with me at some points. When you have to turn the door knob you had to turn the wii remote, but, that made me lose grip on the knob sometimes. Sometimes, you have to get a item out of room to another room to activate a object, only for the door to close in your face. Not only that, I had troubles keeping the door open while doing so, the game even has a time limit for the levels! So, if you have to keep opening the door to get a item out of the room, it might take up a lot of the time you have!

After all of that, Elebits is a decent game. It could have been tweaked up for sure. However, I did find this game for a cheap price due to its age. Its enjoyable for the price you pay and the time you play it. Don't play it for over an hour or 30 minutes or you'll get bored pretty fast like I did. Maybe for 15 minutes or less is a good session of gameplay for this. I can't give a review for this game since I didn't

6.5/10   read

1:18 AM on 03.31.2012

Princess Debut Thoughts

Yeah, I know, weird game to give thoughts on, right? But, alas, I love Natsume's stuff so I must do this!

The game starts off with you picking a name for the girl you're playing as and picking the sign for her. I don't really know what the sign does, I guess it gives you better love-doovey stuff with certain boys. Anyways, you're talking to your best Catherine and no, not the one from the game Catherine by Atlus, she's a blue haired girl. You two are talking about boys because you know, otome games need to have this! You talk about some of the boys like Victor, Carlos, Leon, Lucas and Kyle. You talk about their' personality and all that stuff. Anyways, you go home and you get the first option which is open your closet or... transform? You open you closet either way and a damn princess flies out of it with a sidekick mouse, SO FABULOUS! I wonder how her mother or father never noticed that her closet is magical when they bought it.

The mouse's name is Kip while the princess happens to be named the same name as the main girl. The princess tells you that there is a annual dance party at her kingdom called the "Ball in Saint-Lyon." She's really bad at dancing and makes you switch with her until the dance party is over since you two look alike. You jump into the portal with Kip while the princess stays in your room and I'm wondering how she's even able to be a normal girl since she's a princess and a princess always talks about their riches and how many shoes they have etc.

Now, you finally get stats in the game! You have your character icon with the level and experince and stamina which represents in form of a cake. Then, you have a stat which is "looking for a partner" which is basically, you're trying to find a partner for the dance. Anyways, that's all I can explain of the plot at this point since I'm most going to spoil some things

Now, I like the boys in the game because they reflect the boys in your world which I mentioned before. Their personalities and looks too! The story is decent, however, it just leaves me a few questions like how a bunny can dance, and yes, I'm not making that up. A bunny is your instructor is the game. The music is good since this is a dancing game and you need good music for a dancing game or else you'll be dancing to a bunch of crap. Speaking of dancing, the dancing in the game is sometimes hard to do, at least for me. The only two ways I've found to get the boys to like you is for you to dance good with them and pick the right choices when talking to them. The graphics on the other hand when you're dancing...they just seem really weird. I can't expect much of a DS title but there are better looking games out there. Plus, with the stamina, sometimes when you level up, you get stamina but that stamina you just got is wasted up! How stupid is that? Its like getting a extra piece of candy when you can't eat it! Now, you had to rest then you can use that extra stamina the next day. That just got me angry sometimes that I can't do another action that day.

Overall, I like Princess Debut. Sure, it seems childish and not for my age group, but otome games is one of my favorite unofficial genres right now. It fills up my time when I'm bored since come on, I can do so much on a weekend filled with projects. This is my first thought blog post on this site, so, don't expect much out of it. Thanks for reading, and have a nice day! :)   read

9:15 PM on 03.28.2012

Introducing Myself

Hello everyone! My name is Kristi and I'm probably going to be bad at this since I'm not very good at introducing myself. Anyways, I watch anime with my favorite one being The World Only God Knows at the moment. My favorite genre of games is RPGs and I just don't know why considering my first game was Crash Bandicoot. I also watch different shows like WWE and no, I am not a fan of Cena, just to make that clear. XD Before I end this post, I want you all to know my catchphrase, ba deh. That is all.   read

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